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  1. ephydias
    16 órája

    When a 3rd party that lived through all the nostalgia do a better job at bringing the community around, you know that's not a good sign. Still good job man, love it!

  2. karmin
    16 órája

    The crocheting crypt fiend kills me every time lol

  3. R Ryan
    R Ryan
    16 órája


  4. Andre Adrian
    Andre Adrian
    16 órája

    Rip Blizzard

  5. Superbigfatpig
    16 órája

    The title should be "20 years of Blizzard, with 10 years of Activision ruin (Cartoon)".

  6. Fernoll
    16 órája

    Happy 30th birthday, you predatory, greedy husk.

  7. Максим Купцов
    Максим Купцов
    17 órája

    Ахаха, это топ

  8. SagaSWP
    17 órája

    ...before the dark times. Before ACTIVISION.

  9. Cicero
    17 órája

    Blackthorne...absolutely perfect

  10. Delivery Sushi
    Delivery Sushi
    17 órája

    Did You remember when Blizzard has standards of quality?

  11. ViewtifulDevil
    17 órája

    Oof. The part where HotS gets started up only to be interrupted and killed off by Overwatch who summarily kill themselves is a little too real for me dog. Keep up the fantastic work!

  12. Benjamin Robert
    Benjamin Robert
    17 órája

    Watching it for Carbot! Not for blizzard...

  13. MrGustavevil
    17 órája

    That Necro death animation is gold.

  14. Stefano Leon Chávez
    Stefano Leon Chávez
    17 órája

    Me encantó esta animación

  15. TheDickstaple
    17 órája

    You did a better job at representing all of Blizzard’s works in this short video than they ever could now... Thanks Activision, fucking poison.

  16. Xul Dan
    Xul Dan
    17 órája

    today I learned the last expansion pack for wow was cataclysm

  17. Tiraya Bonnet
    Tiraya Bonnet
    17 órája

    this one has a lot of referencies xD

  18. Khan Uurr
    Khan Uurr
    18 órája

    If you look closely around 2:14 you can see when Activision starts to seep in. Love you Carbot, just cant stand Blzzdivision anymore

  19. Arnaud Deniger
    Arnaud Deniger
    18 órája

    lol diablo taking a shit with a phone in his hands :P

  20. Felipe Castrejon
    Felipe Castrejon
    18 órája

    We need more StarCraft...

  21. Jacob
    18 órája

    1:35 The dancing undead are the single best part of the entire video. Change my mind.

  22. lenek93
    18 órája

    Nice transitions!

  23. Armin
    18 órája

    Its so cool!

  24. Sean
    18 órája

    Cain dying to a purple butterfly... My forgotten hatred reignited.

  25. paul benedict
    paul benedict
    18 órája

    Best animator ever!

  26. Smattonellus 83
    Smattonellus 83
    19 órája

    Blizzard may have forgotten HotS, but not the awesome devs left and content creators such as Not Paradox, HotS highlights, Carbot, and many others, seriously if you care about the game check them all out, and of course see you in the Nexus

  27. Raddazong
    19 órája

    The best 4 and a half minutes of the BlizzCon.

  28. Stanislav Korolev
    Stanislav Korolev
    19 órája

    if you don't count the rendering of Blizzard titles, the storyline itself behind this vid is very convoluted

  29. Ektohusel
    19 órája

    Holy Shit that was awsome :O very well executed :D <3

  30. GIZ-MOE
    19 órája

    I miss Rock n' Roll Racing.

  31. Bubba B. Bubba
    Bubba B. Bubba
    19 órája

    1:54 the captain is HUfrom And the marine is me..... I put copyright music in a video and i like it HUfrom hits me in the head saying "Stop It"

  32. Broockle
    19 órája

    I love how Blackthorne stands right in the middle between the 3 greater evils xD

  33. Mission Reloaded
    Mission Reloaded
    19 órája

    bloody brilliant

  34. Damian Surzykiewicz
    Damian Surzykiewicz
    19 órája

    and wher's Activision ;)?

  35. Diane Giguere
    Diane Giguere
    20 órája

    So sad Blizzard is dead...

  36. klasyka polskiegoHH
    klasyka polskiegoHH
    20 órája

    You should have sold this video to blizzard for big $$$ hehe

  37. R.
    20 órája

    30 years...i am 37, in feel it

  38. Froltz
    20 órája

    The transition to starcraft took me a second...

  39. Filip Łukomski
    Filip Łukomski
    20 órája

    I don't even want to hate Blizzard. I just want them to do SOMETHING about WC3R so that we could finally stop bashing them.

  40. Anima
    20 órája

    This really used to be a cool company

  41. Damián Kovanda
    Damián Kovanda
    20 órája

    awesome summary of 30 years, well done

  42. Naduk Kerensky
    Naduk Kerensky
    20 órája

    4:20 "what, don't you have a phone"

  43. Jerker Ranerfors
    Jerker Ranerfors
    20 órája

    Activision blizzard*

  44. Nebohtes
    20 órája

    Can you beat Rock n' Roll Racing on Warrior in the Marauder?

  45. Namel909
    20 órája

    to bad that good old blizzard is gone and they company will be milked dry true greed from active vision more and more

  46. Sebastian Ushiromiya
    Sebastian Ushiromiya
    21 órája

    That overwatch minicar was the best reference they could get xD it was only missing that Wc3 reforged hoax and it was perfect <3 (btw i have the carbot pack for Sc1 and really love it <3 )

  47. Sebastian Heese
    Sebastian Heese
    21 órája

    i was hoping to find a huge titan in the backgroud slowly rising, then falling down to dust before fully errect.

  48. Ferociou
    21 órája

    lol. i love to follow this channel. just recently started on d3 story again :P and wanted to watch the cinematics, couldn't even watch the start of the first one. because i wanted to see this instead :P haha good job ;) Btw somekind of Diablo plushies would be sooo cool :P

  49. Shadow_Gamer850
    21 órája

    Those transitions into each game was both nostalgic and amazing.

  50. IllidanLol
    21 órája

    Wow extensiooooooooooooons :( Why this video is not complete ? :(

  51. Casey
    21 órája

    There's a typo in the end screen, "Happy 13th Birthday Activision Blizzard." RIP Blizzard (1991-2008)

  52. MALEMization
    21 órája


  53. игроман Tv
    игроман Tv
    21 órája

    StarCraft ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  54. Ashley Newman
    Ashley Newman
    21 órája

    I'm suprised you weren't slapped with a lawsuit for mentioning warcraft 3's existence

  55. Mooga Mooga
    Mooga Mooga
    22 órája

    Makes me a teensy bit sad that Patches and Crackhead seem to be bad guys now... 😢

  56. azual bet
    azual bet
    22 órája

    Ah remember the music creepy and mystical

  57. azual bet
    azual bet
    22 órája

    Glad wow wasn't there haha

  58. Amezonian
    22 órája

    RRR for the win!

  59. MalekitGJ
    22 órája

    Nice obituary.

  60. Enes B
    Enes B
    22 órája


  61. Hakkan812
    22 órája

    Héroes of the Storm deserves so much, more Than Boringwatch or hearthstone, why do they forget the good stuff???

  62. Oner Xowns
    Oner Xowns
    22 órája

    R I P

  63. Bullbah 77
    Bullbah 77
    22 órája

    This cartoon is simply ... genius!

  64. Lumius ToCyan
    Lumius ToCyan
    22 órája

    Give us our HOTS back..... Give us our Blizzard without Activision!

  65. Luca Bramati
    Luca Bramati
    22 órája

    HOTS should be getting more attention

  66. Blood Thorn
    Blood Thorn
    22 órája

    The necromancer is actually me every time I play d2

  67. fenix23
    22 órája

    That soul stone smiling to me makes me happy ;)