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  1. Rose Vale
    Rose Vale
    9 órája

    You guys took a weird way.. I remember there being a boat that went directly to storm wind. Am I mistaken?

  2. Антон Рыжков
    Антон Рыжков
    10 órája

    Из-за этого марша вспомнил GUP girls und Panzer

  3. J2 digital
    J2 digital
    10 órája

    I didn't think it was going to make me this sad haha.

  4. Pooltastic
    10 órája


  5. Officer Hotpants
    Officer Hotpants
    10 órája

    You had me at the guy duping spellbooks in the back at the start. That is the most accurate rendition of what it's like to fight The Butcher as a warrior that I've ever seen. ... and of playing as a warrior in general, now that I've finished it.

  6. findingnemoes
    11 órája

    wher drud trainr?

  7. J2 digital
    J2 digital
    11 órája

    The thing about an infestor, it's got lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes. When it comes at you it doesn't seem to be livin'... until he Neural Parasites you, and those black eyes roll over white.

  8. Winter Arkwright
    Winter Arkwright
    12 órája

    Good lord I remember doing this all the time lol

  9. Alexey Okunev
    Alexey Okunev
    12 órája

    No drops, no liberators above mineral line, no battlecruiser flying between bases, no split... Not cool, man, not cool :(

  10. PowerTrip
    12 órája


  11. Oleg Trushin
    Oleg Trushin
    13 órája

    Where is "battlecruiser operational"

  12. mole2100
    13 órája

    "We are swarm but with GUN."

  13. PowerTrip
    13 órája

    I love this

  14. Wyvern F
    Wyvern F
    14 órája

    Beat it!

  15. Matheus Simplício
    Matheus Simplício
    14 órája


  16. art a
    art a
    14 órája

    Derpfestor reincarnated in OW

  17. Kongolox
    15 órája

    after blizzard recent news.. cant watch anything related to them..

  18. Hello There
    Hello There
    15 órája

    Sad that "GET DOWN" is no longer with us

  19. Ricky Mills
    Ricky Mills
    15 órája

    Only play ana as a dot dps, never a healer/support.

  20. Matt
    15 órája

    Why do I feel sad about something which I didn't even play nor experience? Maybe its just shows how bad the gaming industry are these days.

  21. Illustration
    15 órája

    "It is a good day to die" * dies *

  22. Kenny
    16 órája

    And now it became chinazzard

  23. Kenny Gross
    Kenny Gross
    16 órája

    XD this is awesome!

  24. [__Arknight__]
    17 órája

    Skytoss vs Spaterram xD

  25. That guy with the face
    That guy with the face
    17 órája

    That boat though

  26. zom bonnie
    zom bonnie
    18 órája

    the buildings/trees are speaking terran

  27. Vbomb1337
    18 órája

    Lol right in the feels

  28. 지존사람
    18 órája

    왜 노래가 한국이야 싸발적이네

  29. Corgichu
    18 órája

    I don't remember that long of a stone path in Teldrassil

  30. Praymun Read
    Praymun Read
    18 órája

    Umm you could ask for a ride?! How can the map be showing the unexplored area?

  31. Praymun Read
    Praymun Read
    18 órája

    Auto run!!!

  32. Dagger Fishing
    Dagger Fishing
    19 órája

    Sometimes i really feel like WoW would have been better off as just a memory.

  33. Lucas Joshua Pires
    Lucas Joshua Pires
    19 órája

    Why don’t you guys make other Diablo 2 specific merch? Like... for example, some 3D printed rune sets! I’d totally waste my money on it 😍😍😍😍 Or some D2 action figures

  34. Swift Nimblefoot
    Swift Nimblefoot
    19 órája

    Aren't Marines, like, crappy? I mostly played pre-brood war game but they were really shit in damage and died too fast. I usually rather built Goliaths. And I find it funny it shows them being so ridiculously effective against Protoss, I usually found even a few Zealots can cut them to size easily.

  35. Dorian Gray
    Dorian Gray
    19 órája

    Dude not balding, not accurate.

  36. PyreFox
    19 órája

    The marine in the tea cup got me! "GET SOME!" LMAO

  37. Artur Oliveira Gamer
    Artur Oliveira Gamer
    19 órája

    I want this on netflix kkkkk

  38. Brandrex
    19 órája

    No Beyblade zealots?

  39. sad wrote
    sad wrote
    20 órája

    You can skip Wetlands by drowning at Dun Morogh's shore

  40. Omega Dark Oni Ω
    Omega Dark Oni Ω
    20 órája

    xD si son los terran xD

  41. Nicolas Lebrun
    Nicolas Lebrun
    20 órája

    Activision ruined blizzard …

  42. Corentin Gouloumy
    Corentin Gouloumy
    21 órája

    Good old days…

  43. Elle-Iza Logan
    Elle-Iza Logan
    21 órája

    I... I thought it would be funny. :(

  44. CC Sin
    CC Sin
    21 órája

    This was amazing in so many ways i felt every second of it after running it so many times. Thanks for the nightmares

  45. Panda _DVA
    Panda _DVA
    21 órája

    When your at your peak, doesnt matter what it is. The peak of your fun, skill, job, anything. When your at your peak, only way from there is down. And the sad part never truly know when your at your peak, until you feel yourself decending. No one enjoys their peak. They only reminisce of it.

  46. Myself Thethird
    Myself Thethird
    22 órája

    Carbot's brother : hey ! you know for that video on "how to terran" you are working on ? carbot : yeah ? Carbot's brother : well it be cool at the end that were would be a big protoss ball rushing at the terran and then the terran would have a bunch of tanks and liberators and then the protoss ball would just melt before even reaching them ! :D Carbot : true ! you know what ? i really like your idea ! lets add that ! *later* Carbot's brother : you know when i said melting the protoss ball ? Carbot : yeah ? Carbot's brother : well , i didnt meant it litterally . Carbot : oh ....well the video's already on youtube now so.... :) .

  47. That guy with the face
    That guy with the face
    22 órája

    Painfully true. Seriously use the damn portals!

  48. Myself Thethird
    Myself Thethird
    22 órája

    me : i got my minerals, ready to order ! :D ! . . . . *"you must construct additional pylons !"* me : >:[

  49. Chris P Bacon
    Chris P Bacon
    22 órája

    This is literally the graphic of my WoW on my potato I call I PC.

  50. Daniel Shin
    Daniel Shin
    22 órája

    The bunkers will soon look like homes more and more on the inside

  51. Roger Aguilar
    Roger Aguilar
    22 órája

    <---- feelings dude... Man critical hit to the heart. Thanks for bringing up some good memories. Miss my guildies so much.

  52. Zordaik Extranion
    Zordaik Extranion
    22 órája

    Five hundred miles

  53. L4evsk
    22 órája

    Can't a poor Protoss just sleep a night while in game and not see this Terran mess in the morning? Because, that's no less time that the Terran needs to overmarine Protoss that much...

  54. T J
    T J
    23 órája

    Damn you shoulda added the narrow pathways in act 2 being impossible to navigate with all them skeletons. Just constantly getting stuck on them trying to move lol

  55. Honey Lehoux
    Honey Lehoux
    23 órája

    But who wouldn't want to level in Teldrassil tho. My God, I fell in love with the game because of it.

  56. DoctorSykes
    23 órája

    that night elfs /cry :D:D:D:D

  57. satur10
    23 órája

    wtf, 40 minute animated video for this?

  58. Dragon Tech Gaming
    Dragon Tech Gaming
    23 órája

    i remember doing this in vanilla lol i even once forgot to set my home hearth. i was so pissed it's like a 38 min run if you know the shortcuts like not following the road and go the straightes path possible lol.

  59. Azninja
    23 órája

    tactical codename: america my favorite in campaign mode

  60. DoctorSykes
    23 órája

    0:34 watch again and again and again :D:D:D:D:D:DD

  61. Nano ANTARAS DZ
    23 órája

    Golden iron Golem? I didnt remember that.

  62. Leon Augienstein
    Leon Augienstein
    23 órája

    This was the most relatable video I've ever watched. Almost as if the memory was ripped straight from my head.

  63. Myles Harrison
    Myles Harrison
    23 órája

    sadly i ordered one of these pins and never got it even tho it said delivered

  64. PT Gamer
    PT Gamer
    23 órája


  65. KogashiwaKai

    I only played up to BC but man this still affected me

  66. SotheBee123

    This evokes such a....Response? Back in the day when my task for logging on would just be to get to a new destination. Such simplicity. Still so fun.....

  67. Империя мандарин
    Империя мандарин

    Вот настоящий зелот ваших мечт

  68. Carlos Alberto Amaya Zavaleta
    Carlos Alberto Amaya Zavaleta

    A 40 min video of a NElf running is worth watching it? Yes, totally

  69. Sveta Zamanina
    Sveta Zamanina

    концовка огонь👍🔥