30 Years of Blizzard (Cartoon)

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Originally featured at Blizzconline 2021 following the opening ceremony, we were honored to celebrate Blizzards 30th birthday with this animation.


  1. EvilNecroid
    36 perccel

    2:17 and this is where blizz lost the last bit of its magic

  2. Prince Psionic
    Prince Psionic
    44 perccel

    Thanks 30 years old blizzard , for killing w3 reforged

  3. Razertail Druid
    Razertail Druid
    44 perccel

    Activision / Blizzard Should Be Known These Days As Crap-D-Vision / Blizz-Turd Since These Companies Started With Atari's Crap And Will End With Blizzard's Turd..

  4. Glintbane

    way too much nostalgia

  5. Tomas Boettiger
    Tomas Boettiger

    Simp Raynor is best Raynor ♥

  6. Ethan Salinas
    Ethan Salinas

    Where's carbot Xieping?

  7. Darth
    2 órája

    And now we got a China's Blizzard! Counting on the things that happened on the last 2-3 years.

  8. Arifin Ali Amdan
    Arifin Ali Amdan
    2 órája

    It's not Blizzard anymore. It's Activision.

  9. Commotus
    2 órája

    This channel is the best thing to come from blizzard in the last decade lol. Keep up the good work man!

  10. La Tui
    La Tui
    2 órája

    Amazing video as always. Ready to see Blizzard replaced though. Indie gaming foreverrr.

  11. Korenn
    2 órája

    What a ride... 22 years of Blizzard, and 8 years of Activision (in 2013 Activision separated from Vivendi and became in full control of Blizzard)

  12. Izhar Ibrahim
    Izhar Ibrahim
    2 órája

    where are Activision's games?

  13. Darth
    3 órája

    Omg the marine being ripped in half hahahhahahahahhaahhahah

  14. Noldo Walker
    Noldo Walker
    3 órája

    there is no blizzard anymore. Only activision who exploit its corpse.

  15. Sianthris
    3 órája

    AMAZING Carbot! PS: I miss my i am repressed and car horn intro :(

  16. Андрей Ильющенко
    Андрей Ильющенко
    3 órája

    а зачем деккарда ушлёпали то

  17. Pavel Baykov
    Pavel Baykov
    3 órája

    The cartoons are great, blizzard however is hot garbage

  18. Winni
    3 órája

    1:11 is that a cube with the Dota logo?

  19. TheLordstrider
    3 órája

    Amazing animation :)

  20. rushrule1
    3 órája

    I still cannot see how you ever complete one of these videos because of the constant laughter when making them🤣🤣

  21. HaleftHaut
    4 órája

    Admirable. I love how you left aside non-relevant expansions

  22. Jungmin Kim
    Jungmin Kim
    4 órája

    역시 카봇!!!! 최고다!!!!

  23. Марио Усопп
    Марио Усопп
    4 órája

    R.I.P Blizzard

  24. ElAr
    4 órája

    Awsome dragonball reference at 2:55, hell Carbot you always deliver

  25. Wolfsokaya
    4 órája

    Never knew that Rock N' Roll Racing was from them.

  26. Dewleys
    5 órája

    Hots opening so epic!

  27. Azuro
    6 órája

    You forgot about diablo immortal and WC3 Reforged.

  28. Steffen Nilsen
    Steffen Nilsen
    6 órája

    That footman isekaied into a far more terrifying setting

  29. Because Buzzbomb
    Because Buzzbomb
    6 órája

    I like how it also reflects the target audience age. From grown adults to prepubescent kids.

  30. Gloomspite Noob
    Gloomspite Noob
    6 órája

    Member when artwork wasn't drawn like a 5yr old, I member. Jokes.

  31. Sorcha the raven
    Sorcha the raven
    6 órája

    Love how everything is epic and suddenly.. Overwatch xD

  32. Nemesis666first
    6 órája

    Notice that also work for the 25 years of Blizzard, since there is no new content since 5 years xD ... Very cool animation :p !

  33. Owen Lee
    Owen Lee
    6 órája

    Went sadly downhill and disinteresting after Diablo 3

  34. K0UK0U
    7 órája

    Probably the worst company out there right now

  35. Prime87
    7 órája

    Where was the redshirt guy?

  36. foomp
    7 órája

    Barb jump jokes always get me without fail.

  37. dosduros
    7 órája

    Where is diablo Immortal?

  38. Stephen Kaake
    Stephen Kaake
    7 órája

    is this an out of season april fools joke?

  39. 박민호
    7 órája

    만들긴 개 잘만드네 ㄹㅇ 만들고나서 방관해서 그렇지

  40. Francois Doucet
    Francois Doucet
    7 órája

    Truly amazing, as always. Only 1 "classic" remains lost to time and shame it seems.. Where is my Death and return of Superman?

  41. Francesco Carpenito
    Francesco Carpenito
    7 órája

    Omg overwater killed me hahah

  42. Brearius911
    8 órája

    warcraft 3 refunded

  43. uwrong meright
    uwrong meright
    8 órája

    Blizzard used to be a great company, even if, for most of its existence, it has been carried by 2-3 games only. Now it is so sad to see that what remains is so bad and stupid to force myself to uninstall bnet and be disgusted everytime i hear about blizzard.

  44. Joshua Gano
    Joshua Gano
    8 órája

    Best... Cartoon... yet... ^_^

  45. Lars Lundh
    Lars Lundh
    8 órája

    RIP Blizzard happy birthday

    8 órája

    Лучший кого я смотрел, лучший среди тех кто рисует. Лучший, кого я надеюсь смотреть до своей смерти!!!

  47. hashimashadoo
    8 órája

    Ever since they sold out to Activision, Blizzard has gone down the toilet as a company. This reminds me that they were once cool.

  48. Phil LeBorgne
    Phil LeBorgne
    8 órája

    That Blackthorne was epic.

  49. Phil LeBorgne
    Phil LeBorgne
    8 órája

    Blizzard ended in 2013.

  50. 島田豆腐
    8 órája

    press like before watching

  51. Fghkfzhujk fhjkgjkölgkjl
    Fghkfzhujk fhjkgjkölgkjl
    9 órája

    Happy birthday Blizzard :)

  52. George Washington
    George Washington
    9 órája

    That Sir, was awesome! HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY BLIZZARD !

  53. Alex Davide Ronda
    Alex Davide Ronda
    9 órája

    The best recap ever!

  54. Юра Бероев
    Юра Бероев
    9 órája

    This moment when Carbot celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Blizzard better than Blizzard herself

  55. DavidELD
    9 órája

    More content in this cartoon, then Blizzconline. And it was quality.

  56. Warricane
    9 órája

    the leaping barbarian

  57. M4NTiC0R3X
    10 órája

    Not gonna lie man.. the butterfly killing Deckard Cain was funny.. but not funny at all.. but hilarious. All the moments.

  58. Gomez Rodriguez
    Gomez Rodriguez
    10 órája

    And Diablo Imortal ????

  59. 청포도
    10 órája

    4:01 blizzard now

  60. 강민우
    10 órája

    niz a qudetta

  61. Viking II
    Viking II
    10 órája

    3:03 here was when we realized that EA actually had happened ... And we lost the most beloved videogame developer to feed the casual masses.

  62. Aaron Sarzyenski
    Aaron Sarzyenski
    10 órája

    Good on Carbot to show a big WC3 Reforged moment and not be a corporate schill. I like how he showed that you can log in everyday and still play in tournaments, that the graphics look great and the cutscenes are seamless and that the ladder was reinvigorated. /s PS: better hope they dont give the d2 remaster the same treatment or they wont let you make Diablol cartoons anymore either.

  63. ThatGuy777
    11 órája

    Hitting all the right notes.

  64. cameron s
    cameron s
    11 órája

    Needed to add "what? Dont you have a phone?" In there, it was a big moment for blizzard.

  65. Luis Miguel Perez
    Luis Miguel Perez
    11 órája

    Amazing friends 😢👏🏼👏🏼

  66. Жора Корнев
    Жора Корнев
    11 órája

    Is it a birthday, or a funeral ... hmm ...

  67. den den
    den den
    12 órája

    My like is for Carbot, not Blizzard.

  68. MultiCommissar
    12 órája

    20 years. Blizzard has been dead for a decade.

  69. Zeoinx
    12 órája

    There is more respect in this video then Blizzard has given fans in years.

  70. Анатолий Феничев
    Анатолий Феничев
    12 órája

    Как же это круто

  71. NoSoyRule34
    12 órája

    Jajaja muy buen video xD que nostálgico

  72. Lance Larkin
    Lance Larkin
    13 órája

    I was expecting the ending to be as it was except from the dog pile below Diablo.... WOMAN DIABLO IS BORN!

  73. Gamer Wolfe
    Gamer Wolfe
    13 órája

    Blizzard has done nothing good since The Hearthstone incident in 2019. DO NOT SUPPORT THEM!!

  74. Андрей Милошевич
    Андрей Милошевич
    13 órája

    Blizzard is dead...

  75. Gardelain
    13 órája

    Just like the animation, poor Blackthorn brought the oldschool metal aesthetic with him only to leave and never be seen or acknowledged again. I used to hope that he'd get *something* new, but now I almost rather Blizzard leave the series dead. I'd rather remember his old game fondly than suffer a fresh disappointment.

  76. CHINO633
    13 órája

    Worst DIABLOCON ever

  77. Nathaniel Jordan
    Nathaniel Jordan
    14 órája

    This feels like one of those tribute reels for an actor who died.

  78. ephydias
    15 órája

    When a 3rd party that lived through all the nostalgia do a better job at bringing the community around, you know that's not a good sign. Still good job man, love it!

  79. karmin
    15 órája

    The crocheting crypt fiend kills me every time lol

  80. R Ryan
    R Ryan
    15 órája


  81. Andre Adrian
    Andre Adrian
    15 órája

    Rip Blizzard

  82. Superbigfatpig
    15 órája

    The title should be "20 years of Blizzard, with 10 years of Activision ruin (Cartoon)".

  83. Fernoll
    16 órája

    Happy 30th birthday, you predatory, greedy husk.

  84. SagaSWP
    16 órája

    ...before the dark times. Before ACTIVISION.

  85. Cicero
    16 órája

    Blackthorne...absolutely perfect

  86. Delivery Sushi
    Delivery Sushi
    16 órája

    Did You remember when Blizzard has standards of quality?

  87. ViewtifulDevil
    16 órája

    Oof. The part where HotS gets started up only to be interrupted and killed off by Overwatch who summarily kill themselves is a little too real for me dog. Keep up the fantastic work!

  88. Benjamin Robert
    Benjamin Robert
    16 órája

    Watching it for Carbot! Not for blizzard...

  89. Stefano Leon Chávez
    Stefano Leon Chávez
    16 órája

    Me encantó esta animación

  90. TheDickstaple
    16 órája

    You did a better job at representing all of Blizzard’s works in this short video than they ever could now... Thanks Activision, fucking poison.

  91. Xul Dan
    Xul Dan
    16 órája

    today I learned the last expansion pack for wow was cataclysm

  92. Khan Uurr
    Khan Uurr
    17 órája

    If you look closely around 2:14 you can see when Activision starts to seep in. Love you Carbot, just cant stand Blzzdivision anymore

  93. Arnaud Deniger
    Arnaud Deniger
    17 órája

    lol diablo taking a shit with a phone in his hands :P

  94. Felipe Castrejon
    Felipe Castrejon
    17 órája

    We need more StarCraft...

  95. Jacob
    17 órája

    1:35 The dancing undead are the single best part of the entire video. Change my mind.

  96. lenek93
    17 órája

    Nice transitions!

  97. Armin
    17 órája

    Its so cool!

  98. Sean
    17 órája

    Cain dying to a purple butterfly... My forgotten hatred reignited.

  99. paul benedict
    paul benedict
    17 órája

    Best animator ever!

  100. Smattonellus 83
    Smattonellus 83
    18 órája

    Blizzard may have forgotten HotS, but not the awesome devs left and content creators such as Not Paradox, HotS highlights, Carbot, and many others, seriously if you care about the game check them all out, and of course see you in the Nexus