Diablo 2 Cartooned Announcement (CarBot Graphics Pack)

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  1. Zach Steiner
    Zach Steiner
    10 órája

    Is this available in 1966 or 2066?

  2. Cory Walsh
    Cory Walsh
    5 napja

    You bastard! I actually want this!

  3. Princess Ruby
    Princess Ruby
    6 napja

    now... just have to remember to look out for it in like 45 years XD

  4. Gopex
    9 napja

    First time I would roll a Barb just for the yell and jump Animations haha

  5. 王王仁安
    9 napja

    Don’t you have a switch?

  6. Haphisto
    10 napja

    What menu would I find the promised angels in the outfield DVD? Is it another cinematic?? Maybe a potential D2 Baseball spinnoff?!?!

  7. A Refrigerator
    A Refrigerator
    12 napja

    I would totally support a mod like this.

  8. 김영준
    12 napja

    I would play this game. No joke... someone plz make a Diablo clone in THIS exact graphic style. Or any other game for that matter. Games has become too much tryhard in order to reach realistic graphics. But if you make games like realistic/realism. Then you need to also have a PERFECT smooth playing experience which 0 of them are since well, tech isnt there yet. So graphic styles like these are much more preferable, and we forgot the value of imagination.

  9. ZealotPewPewPew
    12 napja

    Looks better than the remaster.

  10. Matthew Beck
    Matthew Beck
    12 napja

    Only 16,476 more days! I can't wait.

  11. WhiteDragonOfLight
    12 napja

    They all laughed at me when I kept my WII U.... BUT WHOS LAUGHING NOW!!! BWA HA HA!

  12. Mahatma Sloth
    Mahatma Sloth
    12 napja

    new 4 skins..... hahahahaha

  13. 이지원
    12 napja

    ???: Shut up and Take my money!!!!

  14. Devon Ortiz
    Devon Ortiz
    13 napja

    Aw, if only!

  15. Tavier Corsair
    Tavier Corsair
    13 napja


  16. yeah R
    yeah R
    14 napja


  17. VII Human
    VII Human
    14 napja

    I wouldn't be surprised, they did cartooned StarCraft

  18. Hebruixe
    14 napja

    please don't give them ideas ffs

  19. Omar Enrique Otero Duarte
    Omar Enrique Otero Duarte
    14 napja

    06.06.66 ?? Well at least comes sooner than Diablo 4 or Lost Ark!

  20. Monfredi 777
    Monfredi 777
    14 napja

    Someone make this real

  21. KAC
    14 napja

    I wonder how many people who complained that Diablo III was too “cartoonish” would get a mod this like for Diablo II

  22. Maxwell Mee
    Maxwell Mee
    14 napja

    I would play this.

  23. Writhes
    15 napja

    If I live to year 2066 june 6th and this is not out yet. I'm suing.

  24. StudleyDuderight
    15 napja

    Given Blizzard's recent track record I would not have been surprised if this were a real thing.

  25. Siva Sankar
    Siva Sankar
    15 napja


  26. 우에하라아리
    15 napja

    스토리로 하던 디아블로가 사라진지 오래다. 그저 파밍이나 하는 게임..

  27. Jill Valentine
    Jill Valentine
    15 napja

    another shit from blizzard ty ty

  28. Голубев Ярослав
    Голубев Ярослав
    15 napja

    The joke is that this reskin will come out in the end?

    15 napja

    This is what happens when you pre-purchase Diablo II remastered...

  30. Jid K
    Jid K
    15 napja

    오히려 구라 같지 않아서 기대되는데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  31. DH Kim
    DH Kim
    15 napja

    I will wait 2066

  32. Dario WurmD
    Dario WurmD
    15 napja

    "New 4 skins" ... "New foreskins" XD

  33. amanita369
    16 napja

    Im happy its just aprils

  34. 정승호
    16 napja

    I saw this video and immediately clicked with full of joy, but then I saw the uploaded date... Now I feel like the whole world is full of lies

  35. James
    16 napja

    I thought this was real. Now i'm sad.

  36. Caleb Janus
    Caleb Janus
    16 napja

    The balance in this game is shit. 7/10 too many pixels.

  37. Placer
    16 napja

    aww this is april fools? Damn

  38. Man of Culture
    Man of Culture
    16 napja

    Disablo II LOL

  39. Filip QWERTY
    Filip QWERTY
    16 napja

    cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kawaiiiiiiii j want play

  40. Andrii Demianov
    Andrii Demianov
    16 napja

    Shut up and take my money!

  41. Diego Bastos
    Diego Bastos
    16 napja


  42. Dick Rick
    Dick Rick
    16 napja

    Angels in the outfield on dvd 🤣🤣🤣

  43. Moshman
    17 napja

    Olly ad McDonal

  44. mario moreno
    mario moreno
    17 napja

    And this will be better than the diablo resurrected!!

  45. ceroenblanco
    17 napja


  46. Pedro Roscoe
    Pedro Roscoe
    17 napja

    you sir... you are a genius

  47. canihavesomenamehere
    17 napja

    well, it's not entirely out of the question that I will be alive 06.06.66. Can't wait!

  48. Anton V
    Anton V
    17 napja

    I'd play Diablo with this graphics )

  49. Quasar
    17 napja

    I now have an alarm set for June 6th 2066 in anticipation for this totally not a prank graphics pack

  50. markiz valdo
    markiz valdo
    17 napja

    This is not a april fools, starcraft has cartooned version, not so long after d2 remastered is released this will be a thing, mark my word!

  51. Mr Zeldion
    Mr Zeldion
    18 napja

    New features "microtransactions" LOL

  52. Michał BD-Lux
    Michał BD-Lux
    18 napja

    Still less candy than D3

  53. Julio Perez
    Julio Perez
    18 napja

    New 4 skins!! Lmaooo

  54. Æthenwulf _
    Æthenwulf _
    18 napja

    if you make this a real thing, I'll pay for it.

  55. PorkChopVII
    18 napja

    wouldnt put past blizzard. loved the whole cartoon pack for SC edit: loved how over powering the music is in the video, very Diablo 1

  56. ブラジル人のオッサン
    18 napja

    Me : When/where do i get/buy this!? look at description and see the upload date Me : I want to shove diablo soul stone in the ASS of the guy who created April fools...

  57. Blaine
    18 napja

    This should actually be a graphics pack for the D2 remaster.

  58. Péter Borsi
    Péter Borsi
    19 napja

    Where can I preorder? 😳

  59. Lasse Kongo
    Lasse Kongo
    19 napja

    Don't joke about these things you monster!

  60. Dreygen5
    19 napja

    Say what you want about this April Fools joke. But at least it was IN season.

  61. Pro Player
    Pro Player
    19 napja

    i want to play this!

  62. Vu Pham
    Vu Pham
    19 napja

    this is how Diablo resurrected should be :v

  63. Danny S.
    Danny S.
    19 napja

    Remember the time when an actual april fools joke was a mobile Diablo haha..ha....haha.......haaaa....... I'm sad.

  64. EcchiRevenge
    19 napja

    So the only april fools joke is the WiiU part, everything else is real?

  65. Dan Killen
    Dan Killen
    19 napja

    how fuckin dare you

  66. 백승호
    19 napja


  67. Luna Is beautiful
    Luna Is beautiful
    19 napja

    This amazon looks so much cuter then the ManZon in D2R.

  68. SebakaGaming
    20 napja


  69. Freedom 4Life
    Freedom 4Life
    20 napja

    lol wtf. Nice.

  70. Enrique Carrillo Olguin
    Enrique Carrillo Olguin
    20 napja

    Well, I guess I'll only have to wait 45 years until 6.6.2066, I'll still play it.

  71. Bakeneko
    20 napja

    Let it be real!

  72. Luis Giordano
    Luis Giordano
    21 napja

    Looks way better than the actual game lol

  73. Nalo
    21 napja

    Angels in the outfield on dvd?! SIGN ME UP

  74. animegx45
    22 napja

    I thought this was real. Now I'm less tempted to get the game.

  75. Kohan Karasu
    Kohan Karasu
    22 napja

    Definitely playing this over the resurrected woke trash.

  76. good guy
    good guy
    23 napja

    2066? lol this gotta be a joke right?

  77. Patryk Werner
    Patryk Werner
    23 napja


  78. Hansang Yoon
    Hansang Yoon
    23 napja

    Can't wait for 6.6.2066

  79. Februaries
    23 napja

    I hope you make a warcraft 3 version of, coz its waaaay better than the reforged version

  80. Death
    24 napja

    One of those jokes that's actually a really good idea. I like it.

  81. Amanita Muscaria
    Amanita Muscaria
    24 napja

    Would pay 40$ for it.

  82. Marcelo Pivato
    Marcelo Pivato
    24 napja

    For the love of god make this true

  83. Jesse Drouin
    Jesse Drouin
    24 napja

    If I have to wait until 2066 for this I will dammit!

  84. X Y
    X Y
    25 napja

    Aww Carbot you can't just do us dirty like this...

  85. Logan Chou
    Logan Chou
    25 napja

    Looks better than Diablo II: Resurrected, and far better than Diablo III.

  86. KinGor SAS
    KinGor SAS
    25 napja

    i want this game 11

  87. dorpth
    26 napja

    I'd sooner give cash for Carbot graphics packs than an auction house.

  88. Arouxayis
    26 napja

    if Blizzard made this happen, there might yet still be some semblance of hope at that dogshit bobby kotick moneychute.

  89. Umanchy 555
    Umanchy 555
    26 napja

    la skin de paladin xD

  90. Forest Skilbred
    Forest Skilbred
    26 napja


  91. Eantrin
    27 napja

    I mean... Starcrafts skin started as an April Fools joke, then became real. Who's to say this won't be the same?

  92. RetroCNY
    27 napja

    I'm not even kidding, I would play it d2 remaster if it looked like this. HAPPILY.

  93. Alester Wick the Last Consumer
    Alester Wick the Last Consumer
    27 napja

    i want that!

  94. Yourowner
    28 napja

    When does the Wii U come out?

  95. Stormtempter F
    Stormtempter F
    28 napja


  96. Doorham Lothar
    Doorham Lothar
    28 napja

    fuq 4.1

  97. Matthew Sawczyn
    Matthew Sawczyn
    28 napja

    Angels In The Outfield?! Sign me up!

  98. Jerry Atricks
    Jerry Atricks
    28 napja

    MAKE... THIS.... HAPPEN!

  99. Huskers Husky
    Huskers Husky
    29 napja

    I wish this wasn't an April Fools joke, would so get this mod

    1. Imperial Judge
      Imperial Judge

      I mean they made it available for SC Remastered sooooo.

  100. Дед мороз
    Дед мороз
    29 napja

    Merry Christmas to all !