Diablol 2 Ep 7 "Sunday, Bloody Sunday"

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  1. Linkforlife199
    5 napja

    That monster giving the paladin a chair to rest on really makes the "heroes" to be the real villains.

  2. this guy
    this guy
    8 napja

    good ol bone flame, it had so many affixes on it, but still super weak

  3. José María
    José María
    20 napja

    The only way the Paladin can do serious damage is with the thorn aura lol

  4. SLH86

    0:15 his junk made a hole in the glass... :D

  5. Flir Herschel
    Flir Herschel

    팔라딘 새크리파이스ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  6. onikoneko

    Poor Bone Ash, they just wanted to keep their cathedral clean and tell the Good Word to all the devout demons

  7. Jesper Kihlberg
    Jesper Kihlberg

    Episode 6 seems to be missing from the playlist :(

  8. überguy

    My favorite episode in this series.

  9. Slamfunk tortoise
    Slamfunk tortoise

    Flying barbarian

  10. Lawrence Fitzgerald
    Lawrence Fitzgerald

    I'm surprised no one commented on the Barbarian's melodic yelling voice! He's actually yelling a nice melody.

  11. Volk551

    0:15 barbarian super lewd...

  12. Ren Seal
    Ren Seal
    2 hónapja

    I see he barb did the same thing in this vid as well as the previous.. This is gonna keep being a thing isnt it? I look forward to that!

  13. Róbert Kiss
    Róbert Kiss
    2 hónapja

    I wonder why there was no female paladin in the game.

  14. X Y
    X Y
    2 hónapja

    Are we...are we the baddies all along...?

  15. Justin Henderson
    Justin Henderson
    2 hónapja

    I’m literally crying this is so god damn funny. The barb horking has me dead 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Irving Mr
    Irving Mr
    2 hónapja

    Bone ash right?

  17. Joshua Herdman
    Joshua Herdman
    2 hónapja

    Where did episode 6 go?

  18. Bryton Arnold
    Bryton Arnold
    2 hónapja

    I feel so bad for the priest XD

  19. scottyforlife101
    3 hónapja

    I miss the OG gem sounds 😭😭

  20. Pakken's Backyard
    Pakken's Backyard
    3 hónapja

    I feel so bad for the bad guys ;n;

  21. we we
    we we
    3 hónapja

    1:47 one socketed sword :))

    3 hónapja

    I honestly don't know why y'all didn't go with an Iron Maiden Summoning nec with situational OG corpse explosion, and a Conviction/Blessed Hammer Paladin (A.K.A. Hammerdin).

  23. The Coffee you forgot to drink
    The Coffee you forgot to drink
    3 hónapja

    I’ll be damned if this ain’t a house party

  24. 코냐크0샹파뉴
    3 hónapja

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ재밌네~ Is green skeleton a Bone Ash?

  25. Bee Well
    Bee Well
    3 hónapja

    i could swearn ive seen that reaction somewhere but i cant remember where 1:38

  26. Max Loh
    Max Loh
    3 hónapja

    It's so wonderful how instantly recognizable all the areas and monsters are despite being in a completely different style.

    1. Max Loh
      Max Loh
      2 hónapja

      @turidoth that is definitely part of it. But even when audio cues don't apply the animation is instantly recognizable; for example even in the first scene we instantly know it must be one of the cloisters

    2. turidoth
      2 hónapja

      It's because the audio is the original

  27. Max Loh
    Max Loh
    3 hónapja

    brilliant mang

  28. Skyler
    3 hónapja

    Thank you for the Bone Ash rep. I always felt like he's one of the more forgotten super uniques

  29. Lesba Zyra
    Lesba Zyra
    3 hónapja

    0:16 Well. At least we know a baba wears no pants. Did you notice the sculpture of the broken window?

  30. ODiN [s]
    ODiN [s]
    3 hónapja

    I want the fyucking jorney to Cathedral - Monastery till vl 4 and then Andariel can't fucking open a single door while u kill her with all.

  31. SiN FPV 711313101S
    SiN FPV 711313101S
    4 hónapja

    1:40 😂🤣🤣🤣

  32. J Javelona
    J Javelona
    4 hónapja

    1:47 Socketed Sword? :D

  33. Devastation OfMankind
    Devastation OfMankind
    4 hónapja

    This is the literal definition of quality content

  34. nestcanz
    4 hónapja

    The Sanctuary world is mostly peaceful, only heroes ruin it.

  35. Steve B.
    Steve B.
    4 hónapja

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 awesome

  36. TooBusyToPlay Games
    TooBusyToPlay Games
    4 hónapja

    These videos are pretty deep in a sense that you really had to play all the classes or see their skills to understand the humor 🤭

  37. fullonsociopath
    4 hónapja

    LOL the chest key to find another chest key is classic D2. Or the chest key to find cracked boots, broken javelin, or quilted armor. All in grey.

  38. timothy chan
    timothy chan
    4 hónapja

    so this is how the find item shout works.....

  39. Martin
    4 hónapja

    It took me a while to see, but the sword that the barbarian picks up has a hole it, it's socketed, lmao!

  40. Douglas Duda
    Douglas Duda
    4 hónapja

    Someone make d2 with these models and animations...LOL...the entire game!

  41. T1stG【雪民】
    4 hónapja

    this just makes me feel bad for the mobs lol

  42. Zhenquan Ye
    Zhenquan Ye
    4 hónapja

    I feel so sorry for Bone Ash...

  43. Drew Loreto
    Drew Loreto
    4 hónapja

    BONE ASH for the winnnnnn!!!

  44. Chunes3
    4 hónapja

    I know beyond a shadow of a doubt whoever made this animation played the game because they masterfully convey the pain of using low-level sorc skills.

  45. Theodoros Xanthopoulos
    Theodoros Xanthopoulos
    4 hónapja

    The barbarian taunting always gets me.

  46. Taylor Doiron
    Taylor Doiron
    4 hónapja

    *reciting the speach about the countess in my head* *strangely satisfied that when it cuts back in I'm at the same point*

  47. Jan Szyszczyński
    Jan Szyszczyński
    4 hónapja

    I hope you will make one episode with clicking cow

  48. Adam Ross
    Adam Ross
    4 hónapja

    I just found these and am sad there aren’t more. So much spot on content in such short videos

  49. Andrew McKamey
    Andrew McKamey
    4 hónapja

    The frost nova then miss miss miss is so accurate

  50. Eman Eman
    Eman Eman
    4 hónapja

    When the Barbarian taunts the tainted (monster) he was like: "Who? Me?" hahaha that got me!

  51. MadMaxJuggernaut
    4 hónapja

    I've never been a fan of comedy videos like these, but god damn Diablol is perfect. Had me crying of laughter.

  52. Cocomunga Productions
    Cocomunga Productions
    4 hónapja

    I know there was a leap joke in this, but you gotta do a joke about leaping through bars ( like in a prison cell or a hallway obstructed by prison bars that is not supposed to be passable without teleport ). You can leap over the bars which makes no sense.

  53. profe disperso
    profe disperso
    4 hónapja

    que es lo primero q dice el narrador en la intro del video

  54. Necrotic
    4 hónapja

    I guess the heroes are the real monsters then.

  55. Paweu
    4 hónapja


  56. MetalAge CZ
    MetalAge CZ
    4 hónapja

    That's very cool. Please more videos! :))))

  57. Commander Chucky
    Commander Chucky
    4 hónapja

    these animations are the best lol i love them

    1. Commander Chucky
      Commander Chucky
      4 hónapja

      best part is the barbarian and his shout at the start

  58. Brandon Knight
    Brandon Knight
    4 hónapja

    Poor bone ash

  59. social3ngin33rin
    4 hónapja


  60. WarBird
    4 hónapja

    What is this screaming i dont get iy

  61. Spred TheTruth
    Spred TheTruth
    4 hónapja

    Poor Pugna

  62. pop5678eye
    4 hónapja

    But is there a cow level...?

  63. Gabriel Laverge
    Gabriel Laverge
    5 hónapja

    make a parody bout gamble stuff

  64. james
    5 hónapja

    1:43 cracked me xD

  65. Jelly Gecko
    Jelly Gecko
    5 hónapja

    Do the Diablol demons have weekly church days? Do they attend Saturdays? Since that's more or less the conceptual opposite of Sunday. There are at least two silly and pointless worldbuilding questions being raised here! Maybe even 3.

  66. JD Edmondson
    JD Edmondson
    5 hónapja

    While funny most of it was not my experience of playing d2 .... I played d2 online, solo and never let anyone join. Love me some MMO's but hate people.

  67. olden creek
    olden creek
    5 hónapja

    Oh damn I thought this was a finished series. CAN'T WAIT UNTIL EPISODE 8!!!

  68. olden creek
    olden creek
    5 hónapja

    Hahah... socketed sword...

  69. D.C. Gold
    D.C. Gold
    5 hónapja

    Absolutely incredible 👏👏

  70. Dominik Polewka
    Dominik Polewka
    5 hónapja


  71. Иван Трезвый
    Иван Трезвый
    5 hónapja

    Zombie animations at the end are incredibly awesome. He literally buried his face against the wall to not hear this

  72. 진성현
    5 hónapja

    Lol that barbarian taunt was so rhythmic xD

  73. Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss
    5 hónapja

    The original sound effects applied to the cartoon is the best part.

  74. DaveTheRred
    5 hónapja

    So funny, love these videos! D2 was my favorite version so far.

  75. Dan T
    Dan T
    5 hónapja


  76. Thanatos Reaper
    Thanatos Reaper
    5 hónapja

    This is the best one yet!

    1. opzz xsin
      opzz xsin
      5 hónapja

      Wait, this is already past horadric malus quest! Did we miss it? D:

  77. RJ Ehlert
    RJ Ehlert
    5 hónapja

    Unexpected nostalgia wave just from seeing the waypoint.

  78. Bilal Sleiman
    Bilal Sleiman
    5 hónapja

    Was that a reference to the under city quest giver in wow?

    1. opzz xsin
      opzz xsin
      5 hónapja

      That Barbarian strongly reminds me of The Knights Who Say Ni at the end there.

  79. Yamato Ryûnosuke
    Yamato Ryûnosuke
    5 hónapja

    Sublime 😂

  80. Andrew Florence
    Andrew Florence
    5 hónapja

    I love the Barbarian just shouting at things, it just seems so unreasonable ^_^

  81. opzz xsin
    opzz xsin
    5 hónapja

    Early game Sorc running out of mana, and then missing every mele attack? Yup, Accurate.

  82. Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams
    5 hónapja

    Lmao the barb shouting at the zombie till it dropped something he wanted.

  83. Scott Heyer
    Scott Heyer
    5 hónapja

    I never imagined I’d ever feel bad for the monsters in Diablo!

  84. Александр Матвеев
    Александр Матвеев
    5 hónapja

    это мега круть особенно финал!:)

  85. judío usurero
    judío usurero
    5 hónapja

    1:38 Hahahahaha

    1. opzz xsin
      opzz xsin
      5 hónapja

      I was going to thumbs down this episode, but the last scene made me lol.

  86. Łich Tv
    Łich Tv
    5 hónapja

    Ep 10 Wc 3

  87. Foxlord2911
    5 hónapja

    D: the monster

    5 hónapja

    local church attacked while 'removed devil' played

  89. annag cocl
    annag cocl
    5 hónapja

    That Barbarian strongly reminds me of The Knights Who Say Ni at the end there.

  90. selensewar
    5 hónapja

    Wait, this is already past horadric malus quest! Did we miss it? D:

  91. Brian P
    Brian P
    5 hónapja

    Lolol I love the monsters falling asleep during the speech. That's also one of my favorites "And so it came to pass..."

  92. D S
    D S
    5 hónapja

    Absolutely hilarious!!

  93. zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv
    5 hónapja

    I just love how accurate these animations are expecially the sacrifice paladin.

    1. annag cocl
      annag cocl
      5 hónapja

      Yes! He added the barb jump.

  94. Sorgblad
    5 hónapja

    Where is necro?

  95. Jonathan Kemline
    Jonathan Kemline
    5 hónapja

    1:38 When you successfully intimidate SCP-173

  96. Ru
    5 hónapja

    Poor people just trying to live their normal lives and the murder hobos show up. This is a DND game.

    1. zuygj bnsv
      zuygj bnsv
      5 hónapja

      "Shout on everything" barbarian is bonkers

  97. Shaw Meck
    Shaw Meck
    5 hónapja

    I was going to thumbs down this episode, but the last scene made me lol.

  98. Patrick H
    Patrick H
    5 hónapja

    Fallen one plushie when?

  99. senni bgon
    senni bgon
    5 hónapja

    lol. Just pointing this out to people who haven't actually played the game. lol

  100. pablo arguello
    pablo arguello
    5 hónapja

    Bone Ash The most buffed monster and weakest at the same time