DiabLoL 2 Ep 20 "Epic Flail"

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  1. Pzychosis

    Bruh, 1:57 HAS ME IN TEARS!!!!

  2. boec2

    the video is perfect, it couldn't be done better congratulations on the job.

  3. roxideskye
    2 napja

    Am I missing something though with the grinning council member? Is it a game reference or something else? Tell me please Mister Carbot sir, and I'll be your bestest friend ever!

  4. roxideskye
    2 napja

    New thumbnail? Epic as always ^_^

  5. makitaki1
    3 napja

    its so f--k---g true i love it love it love :)

  6. Ondřej Krejčíř
    Ondřej Krejčíř
    5 napja

    That end had me. :D

  7. Dogquack
    5 napja

    travincals are lightning immuned bro

  8. Jan Šindlář
    Jan Šindlář
    5 napja

    What is the name of the song in the intro ? Please someone help ;)

  9. Chris Ford
    Chris Ford
    6 napja

    screw the first waypoint act3..Kids

    1. Chris Ford
      Chris Ford
      6 napja

      and if u dont hit the stone try again.and again.. it will break!

  10. teacherlion
    7 napja

    These are so good! Thank you for all the great videos!

  11. MxZeal
    7 napja

    this is so cute LOL

  12. Krasser MLG
    Krasser MLG
    7 napja

    just waiting for the mephisto moat trick

  13. Bazoi D Wonderboi
    Bazoi D Wonderboi
    7 napja

    that was great

  14. Kanner111
    7 napja

    Literally cannot remember the hydras. =/

  15. Heavy Spark
    Heavy Spark
    7 napja

    Act 3 was my favorite act. So many council runs I can't wait.

  16. Станислав Артюх
    Станислав Артюх
    7 napja

    Когда Диабло перезапустят, мультики станут актуальны снова )

  17. Matthew Sawczyn
    Matthew Sawczyn
    7 napja

    Ah, getting absolutely obliterated in Trav. Good times

  18. 666tReaper
    7 napja

    2:07 omg my sides!

  19. Daniel Fodor
    Daniel Fodor
    8 napja

    Amazon op

  20. SwozzleSticks
    8 napja

    "Everybody hates Act III" the cartoon

  21. Ne0N
    8 napja

    Anybody wanna help me find the spider cavern ffs

  22. Finwaell
    8 napja

    I liked the third act. Had great armosphere.

  23. frenchiveruti
    8 napja

    I hate the fact that I never got past act 3

  24. Phoenixguild
    8 napja

    This mans single handedly hyping everyone to play Diablo 2 Resurrected

  25. Who is John Galt?
    Who is John Galt?
    9 napja

    I choose the Carbot Amazon Skin over the D2Remastered skin any day of the week. pretty cool how there will be carbot assets for the remastered, the starcraft skin was pretty fun

  26. Zyu Animation
    Zyu Animation
    9 napja

    классно получилось:)))))

  27. Marcus Weaver
    Marcus Weaver
    9 napja

    Best one.

    9 napja

    wow, that's actually nice merch

  29. Sequince
    9 napja

    Do we get to see a Hardcore video someday?

  30. Jim Pavlyuchenko
    Jim Pavlyuchenko
    9 napja

    Thank you Carbot for all the laughter and nolstalgia you brought us with these ingenious cute little cartoons! Kudo to you, my best friends.

  31. Manix Burn
    Manix Burn
    10 napja

    As unpopular act 3 could be, it's great because it's différent. For a good hack'n'slash like DIABLO 2, a zone being kind of a pain is totally role play.

  32. cameron s
    cameron s
    10 napja

    this is extra awesome because im playing act 3 right now.

  33. X Y
    X Y
    10 napja

    Uh, act 3 is annoyingly obnoxious

  34. Mark Nobody
    Mark Nobody
    10 napja

    This part of the act 3 was very annoying, once on the temple steps they start roosting you over coals with no mercy

  35. Khunvyel
    10 napja

    For me personally, act IV was my least favorite :) Loved Act III

  36. Nunovya Biznez
    Nunovya Biznez
    10 napja

    You have to make a "TP TP TP" ... T-shirt. I would have nabbed it instantly. Maybe a TP TP TP guy in the front and on the back, all the characters in the tombs or whatever looking bummed or pissed they're being spammed with TP TP TP caption in the corner... Too much?

  37. Nunovya Biznez
    Nunovya Biznez
    10 napja


  38. Perger Mátyás
    Perger Mátyás
    11 napja

    That last council member :D

  39. Evan Thompson
    Evan Thompson
    11 napja

    lol.. the missed swings.. always irritated me. Same thing with the forge.

  40. messitup
    11 napja

    Lol, the Kalim's flail part was hilarious. Wish I'd seen a GF barb in travincal:P

  41. TS
    11 napja


  42. JosephMartin
    11 napja

    The hydras with machine guns LOL!!!!

  43. Damogron
    11 napja

    always spot on

  44. Majestic Trust
    Majestic Trust
    11 napja

    I want an episode with lightning souls oneshotting things three screens away!

  45. c200d45e95
    11 napja

    I love Act 3. Especially the music.

  46. Paweł Regliński
    Paweł Regliński
    11 napja

    Can't wait for Ressurected!

  47. coco
    11 napja

    amazing again bro

  48. Aurom's Gaming
    Aurom's Gaming
    11 napja

    Pedestal dodge skill got me!!!

  49. Daniel Reis
    Daniel Reis
    11 napja

    The inaccuracy of hitting the pedestal is pretty accurate!

  50. Max058028tingle
    11 napja

    I usually smile and laugh a bit but this one I had a good laugh! Thank you!

  51. Константин Савин
    Константин Савин
    12 napja

    Not agree. I like 3rd act and hate 2nd.)))

  52. Mark Dark
    Mark Dark
    12 napja

    Hahahahahahaa....Hydra with Minigun~

  53. aciarduce
    12 napja

    Saw all of the bridges and went "FUCK act 3..."

  54. David Morris
    David Morris
    12 napja

    So much of this had me dying. Oh God that flail. Perfection.

  55. Justin Aune
    Justin Aune
    12 napja

    Good god he even got the naked character dying to LE right.

  56. wildefice1
    12 napja

    Funny thing is act 3 is my 2nd favorite act. i loved the jungle!

  57. Michael Flatt
    Michael Flatt
    12 napja

    Thank you for doing what you do. This is consistently great. Also A3>A2.

  58. 바니
    12 napja

    pun haha

  59. RetroCNY
    12 napja

    Next video is gonna be on point. Durance of WHICH FUCKING WAY DO I GO coming up.

  60. Marked Ashamed
    Marked Ashamed
    12 napja

    Missing the Storm of Blizzards in that scene!

  61. Pdizz
    12 napja

    ok now THIS one was awesome!

  62. Consumstra
    12 napja

    Omg always so accurate and funny every time XD

  63. Wouter Lockefeer
    Wouter Lockefeer
    12 napja

    This episode was spot on! My favorite D2 one so far, both due to the awesome references and the fantastic visuals!

  64. L.A. ZAI
    L.A. ZAI
    12 napja

    minigun gidra situation is the best

  65. Jacob Christensen
    Jacob Christensen
    12 napja

    Act 3 is my favorite...

  66. pedro albornoz ramirez
    pedro albornoz ramirez
    12 napja

    dude, try to make a the owl house in a nutshell

  67. Marco Eitelmann
    Marco Eitelmann
    12 napja

    Omg i love this, laught so hard!

  68. Jan Roselo Reyes
    Jan Roselo Reyes
    12 napja

    no blizzard rains??

  69. Bram Swingle
    Bram Swingle
    12 napja

    If I do quit a playthrough it's always in Act 3

  70. Notivarg
    12 napja

    Personally, I like act 3. It's act 4 that I dislike the most, due to its poor variety and a general meh feel. It almost feels incomplete and unpolished, with Diablo's lair and fight being the only impressive thing in it.

    12 napja


  72. Silently
    12 napja

    When did hydras get so strong?

  73. Alex Chernetsky
    Alex Chernetsky
    12 napja


  74. Vader L
    Vader L
    12 napja

    Javelin the best 😍

  75. Spencer Hewitt
    Spencer Hewitt
    12 napja

    These are absolutely perfect every time. You're a friggin genius.

  76. Daniel Hong
    Daniel Hong
    12 napja

    Perfect to every detail!

  77. Krzy Siek
    Krzy Siek
    12 napja

    Carbot the Meme's GoD

  78. Greg Greg
    Greg Greg
    12 napja

    Nice werewolf

  79. Xylasider
    12 napja

    I think this is the best one of the series so far.

  80. Barry Shitpeas
    Barry Shitpeas
    12 napja

    Lol no way that graph is accurate act three was hands down my favourite, I just loved the mysterious jungle vibe. Agree that the layout of some of those maps was fucked tho.

  81. vindicator05
    12 napja

    Those mini-gunning hydras seem to be a Worms (1995) quote to me

  82. Kyle Christian
    Kyle Christian
    12 napja

    Excited to see mercenary of Act 3 with swords but they dont use, instead they use magic. Lol

  83. LilBJessup
    12 napja

    This is by far my favorite animated series!!!

  84. Станислав Минаков
    Станислав Минаков
    12 napja

    До слёз xD видео как всегда прекрасно

  85. 강승구
    12 napja

    1:10 When your hp drops to 0 in the wolf/bear shape, you will transform into the human form with 1 HP instead die immediately. But with hydras all around you... you'll have your second, and probably much quicker death :P

  86. Jenny Liu
    Jenny Liu
    12 napja

    Oh no, you're being repressed again.

  87. WarBird
    12 napja

    Tf is going on xD I suppose cassia just OP everywhere

  88. Mat K
    Mat K
    13 napja

    Best episode : D

  89. Азиз Ферзалиев
    Азиз Ферзалиев
    13 napja


  90. Przemyslaw T
    Przemyslaw T
    13 napja


  91. KALINA
    13 napja

    This one is so perfect haha :D

  92. Tree Star
    Tree Star
    13 napja

    Лучший выпуск!

  93. Ferenc Benedek
    Ferenc Benedek
    13 napja

    Diablo the Hell(diablo 1 best version and its a mod) walkthrough videos in my channel: hufrom.info/limo/Bh-oTyWtvVyAv7gw5SVZ7g

  94. DayParts br
    DayParts br
    13 napja

    Huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As like always!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Creeping Starkey
    Creeping Starkey
    13 napja

    I love these videos, brings back so many memories. thank you so much carbot

  96. junior D.
    junior D.
    13 napja

    .....yep i knew this was going to be brought up. I hated how the map was in Act 3 before you reached Kurast. That was such a headache. Especially when you were looking for the first Khalim body part. "Ah good i found the Spider Cavern. Now i'll just walk up to it..............."Arachnid Lair"..........DAMN IT!!!". I was so glad to find Kurast. Not only that, it got so dark that i would tp back to town and wait for the sun to come back up so i can continue.

  97. Sytro Stormlord
    Sytro Stormlord
    13 napja

    this one is like 20/20 :)

  98. Oleg Scarab
    Oleg Scarab
    13 napja

    Блин, как можно промахнуться по сфере?)) Всегда бесило это))

  99. Juggernaut
    13 napja

    True 🤣

  100. Minh Vũ Tiến
    Minh Vũ Tiến
    13 napja

    I love how their swing missed few times then the stone just exploded haha