Diablol 2 Ep19 "Bazaar Encounters"

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  1. Chris Ford
    Chris Ford
    6 napja


  2. burntcrispycorpse
    7 napja

    I love the Enigma HR Set lying in the pile at the end...

  3. jah ith ber
    jah ith ber
    8 napja

    Haahahahajah that runeword

  4. Vadislav Don-Ertmi
    Vadislav Don-Ertmi
    11 napja

    I love your d2 animations.

  5. Brian P
    Brian P
    12 napja

    Love this so much. The poor Druid XD Also the poor swarms trying to make house!

  6. Yourven Parianen
    Yourven Parianen
    12 napja

    Nooooooo the rune.....too real :(

  7. Jay Ashborne
    Jay Ashborne
    13 napja

    Oh Kurast super chest RNG, never change.... never change...

  8. Florencio Duyar
    Florencio Duyar
    13 napja

    Not being repressed anymore?

  9. Alden Acompanado Alden Acompañado
    Alden Acompanado Alden Acompañado
    14 napja


  10. Lutfi J C
    Lutfi J C
    15 napja

    True true true true true! Can't stop laughing man! Good One!

  11. BroView Review
    BroView Review
    17 napja

    Auto gold pick up is going to save many runes in LK runs for D2 R

  12. Jake Bishop
    Jake Bishop
    18 napja

    I never want this series to end. I love this so much.

  13. Piska
    18 napja

    HOLY FUCK the ending roflmao

  14. Thorvex
    19 napja

    "Tyr" "El' RUNES xD

  15. данчо 2004
    данчо 2004
    20 napja

    Am diablo 2 fan pls do more in my name

  16. El Rocky Raccoon
    El Rocky Raccoon
    20 napja

    1:18 Oh man, that Enigma.

  17. CalgarGTX
    20 napja

    Can't say I remember act 3 chests dropping abnormal amounts

  18. Kensan Han
    Kensan Han
    21 napja

    These are the most funniest videos on youtube :))) keep it up !

  19. Алый Картусик
    Алый Картусик
    21 napja

    Help me! Tell me what music is playing in the video HeroStorm Ep31 Within Arms Length at the beginning

  20. RedFox
    22 napja

    ja man kennts ein ganzer Haufen Gold Münzen und ist nur 1 wert

  21. G P
    G P
    22 napja

    LK runs are actually ok if you use a loot filter.

  22. Kiloneie
    22 napja

    Wait did people NOT know or still DON'T know that it's really easy to identify the correct bazaar tomb ? It is ALWAYS the one from the isometric perspective top right facing bottom left as the entrance into it.

  23. Viking II
    Viking II
    22 napja

    It is a new carbotanimations, it is an instant like.

  24. Jasper Highwind
    Jasper Highwind
    22 napja

    Oh no! She left Jah Ith Ber!!!!! Also, I love these, Carbot!!! :D

  25. David Gillard
    David Gillard
    22 napja

    Can't say I did that quest like ever

  26. данчо 2004
    данчо 2004
    22 napja


  27. Jason Moore
    Jason Moore
    23 napja

    Holy guacamole. Bravo

  28. Maltbyr
    23 napja


  29. Капитан Фростимак
    Капитан Фростимак
    23 napja

    Please make 8 sezon StarCraft

  30. Snarfsnarfff
    24 napja

    I cant wait for the next episode! These are priceless. How many do you plan on making? You still have act 4 and 5 left. I cant wait to see what you come up with, every one of these are great! It's obvious you've played D2 a lot lol. I know because so have I.

  31. Justin Aune
    Justin Aune
    24 napja

    Oooof, that last scene. I don't want to think about how many runes I potentially missed before Blizz changed their name color.

  32. Fake Name
    Fake Name
    24 napja

    Ah yes, the unintelligible garble of a million random pieces of junk on the floor covering desired items. Memories.

  33. Seongjae Kim
    Seongjae Kim
    24 napja

    need pod item filter

  34. Optimator7
    24 napja

    Love it

  35. Maxim Nieto Kramskoi
    Maxim Nieto Kramskoi
    24 napja

    Sorceress is cute as always.

  36. Bogdan Mihai Tincu
    Bogdan Mihai Tincu
    24 napja

    1:16 my Life explained in one image

  37. Gerald Terencio
    Gerald Terencio
    25 napja

    so this guy is outdated that the runes now have orange text when it dropped on the ground?

  38. Raii Angelo Dar
    Raii Angelo Dar
    25 napja

    To the select few who doesnt know, Lower Kurast superchests can drop runes up to a Ber rune. So you have to cube up 2 bers to make a Jah rune.

  39. Engineer Games
    Engineer Games
    25 napja

    MORE videos!

  40. gagnashdiak x
    gagnashdiak x
    25 napja

    But to let you know, the Lam Essen is always in the same dungeon.

  41. Baneblade
    25 napja

    1:18 Enigma!

  42. zx35gamer
    25 napja

    “Nah, it’s just a JAH rune.”

  43. KELLSCAR the chosen
    KELLSCAR the chosen
    26 napja

    Never enough items I will make multiple trips if NEEEEDDEEEED

  44. HyperionSc2
    26 napja

    But but those runes dont drop from super chest OMG NOOOOO I CANT ENJOY JOKE

  45. Master Thnag
    Master Thnag
    26 napja

    Love the Seinfeld ending :)

  46. Ophanim Enjoyer
    Ophanim Enjoyer
    26 napja

    I can't believe you're blinded by those items as well

  47. Piccomaster
    26 napja

    Ah my best farm : the Kurast chest run ! I found my first Ber rune in a house like this, I hope in the Diablo 2 resurrection they kept exactly the same loot table.

  48. Necrotic
    26 napja

    sad thing is that lots of players including some of my friends has never played Diablo 2 only Diablo 3 =( and they dont care to either cause the graphics are so dated. I dont care about that Diablo 2 is still the greatest game of the Blizzard team.

  49. Marcello Lins
    Marcello Lins
    26 napja

    That's why we really need loot filters :D

  50. frenchiveruti
    26 napja

    I'm glad you're not being repressed

  51. Amanita Muscaria
    Amanita Muscaria
    26 napja

    Time to play Diablo 2 again.

  52. Denis Guevedo
    Denis Guevedo
    26 napja

    I didn't see anything wrong, she already has teleport.

  53. JanJanNik
    26 napja

    just an early ladder druid without enigma!

  54. 진성현
    26 napja

    I was looking for the rare amulet and ring xD and then there were Jah and Ber! xD Well except that even Hell LC doesn't drop a Jah...it's good...

  55. IllidanLol
    26 napja

    Too much diablo 2 video... :(((

  56. yrussq
    26 napja

    Looks like Carbot is not repressed anymore :) Nice one!

  57. A. Fel
    A. Fel
    26 napja

    JAH ITH BER. Enigma right here!

  58. chacham
    26 napja

    Will the graphics be better for D2 Resurrected?

  59. Garrett Stroup
    Garrett Stroup
    26 napja

    These are SO GOOD 🤣🤣

  60. zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba
    26 napja

    But without a superior archon plate. Why worry right.

  61. Papu Mendoza
    Papu Mendoza
    26 napja

    LK runs!!!

  62. Gallumbo Verde
    Gallumbo Verde
    27 napja

    Poor eni

  63. Jossi Wales
    Jossi Wales
    27 napja

    LOL @ the jah ith bur that was missed

  64. 센치_Senchi
    27 napja

    Jah,Ith,Ber = enigma runeword LOL

  65. Julik 69
    Julik 69
    27 napja

    я тут после Diablo resurrected

  66. L00pTroop
    27 napja

    LMAO one of the best diablol 2 episodes :D They all good ofc, but this one is outstanding :D :D

  67. ChaosFonja
    27 napja

    Fun Fact: Lam Essim's tome was always in the same tomb despite it supposed to be random

  68. Kyle Jamer
    Kyle Jamer
    27 napja

    I never remember doing that as a Barb 😂

  69. IAteItGuy
    27 napja

    That ending's why I never enter an area without a half dozen town portals and never leave without picking up everything, even if it's just useless stuff to sell.

  70. Moises Hernandez
    Moises Hernandez
    27 napja

    Lol the jah ith her drop at the end

    1. Moises Hernandez
      Moises Hernandez
      27 napja

      *jah ith ber

  71. Trevor Morgan
    Trevor Morgan
    27 napja

    Bahahahahaha that skit at the end!

  72. YourPalAL
    27 napja

    "Fire Shrine" lmao

  73. German Dragon
    German Dragon
    27 napja

    im reporting that video for 1:20 *hyperventilates*

  74. Alex Kowalczyk
    Alex Kowalczyk
    27 napja

    Jah Ith Ber

  75. Willard Conley
    Willard Conley
    27 napja

    love them..well done

  76. Татьяна Ларина Играет
    Татьяна Ларина Играет
    27 napja

    1:20 wasted! 🤣🤣🤣

  77. Wade S
    Wade S
    27 napja

    This takes me back!

  78. Oğuz Can Oğuz
    Oğuz Can Oğuz
    27 napja

    Oh my fucking god finally someone understands the torture of Lower Kurast Rune Runs. And people are still making arguments like "Diablo 2 Resurrected does not need auto gold pick up or item filters, it is just not necessary".

  79. magicx618
    27 napja

    love to see the druid get more screen time, even if he got wrecked at every turn

  80. Pupum3
    27 napja

    1:09 dont know why but she reminds me of Wally from Monkey Island when he cant find his monocle

  81. Doc Radi
    Doc Radi
    27 napja

    Absolutely fantastic! The last scene with the sorc and the runes in hilarious!

  82. Roofstone
    27 napja

    I just noticed that this series has been going for two years. Which is bizarre cuz it feels like it has been going for a couple months.

  83. Zhuldjinn D Wood
    Zhuldjinn D Wood
    27 napja

    1:17 Running gag ? Rune-in-gag !

  84. XtraLightSpeed
    27 napja

    Excellent !!

  85. Johann de Maeyer
    Johann de Maeyer
    27 napja

    After killing Baal you be encouraged to go nightmare :)

    27 napja

    i couldnt help bustin out laughin. gold. pure gold.

  87. Kolio Molio
    Kolio Molio
    27 napja

    these are very good , please keep making them

  88. Wade
    27 napja

    So this started as something nostalgic and now Blizzard launched Diablo II again, so this has become something up to date... pretty crazy

  89. Nonow 1.0
    Nonow 1.0
    27 napja

    Que de bon souvenir, les sons me font juste revivre ses moments 👍👍👍

  90. Kostroma
    27 napja

    do superchests can give you jah rune?

  91. DuckyKindly
    27 napja

    Poor enigma runes sitting on the floor (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)

  92. Дмитрий 6yryndyk
    Дмитрий 6yryndyk
    27 napja

    1:17 ENIGMA

  93. Jordan Brannen
    Jordan Brannen
    27 napja

    The creeper vine best vine...

  94. Sky TG
    Sky TG
    27 napja

    back in the days when loot filters weren't available..

  95. Sky TG
    Sky TG
    27 napja

    1:17 She really doesn't need them!

  96. Sérgio Pereira
    Sérgio Pereira
    27 napja

    That Seinfeld music at the end is great!!

  97. Grzelsonable
    27 napja

    It’s funny because it’s true :-)

  98. AmericanEulogy666
    27 napja

    Omfg, how is each one of those so accurate?!

  99. cyberneticdex69
    27 napja


  100. Yuriy Medvedev
    Yuriy Medvedev
    27 napja

    i don't think it's possible to get jah as chest drop in a3 (absolutely possible to get as monster drop though). also "uber chests" are in lower kurast. not bazaar