Diablol 2 Ep 8 "Classic Andy"

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  1. MrGustavevil
    17 órája

    That Necro death animation is gold.

  2. Wiktoria Slominska
    Wiktoria Slominska
    2 napja

    How have I missed this one? xd

  3. Wissle
    6 napja

    lmao, this is absolute gold

  4. avder42
    8 napja

    I can't help but notice how pleased the Paladin is with his death. I guess he had snu-snu?

  5. Ryley Magel
    Ryley Magel
    8 napja

    Holy fuck these short animations are the best

  6. a s
    a s
    10 napja

    포탈좀요 파티좀요

  7. Jeff Dalumpines
    Jeff Dalumpines
    19 napja

    I love how the paladin died smiling 😂

  8. Gallumbo Verde
    Gallumbo Verde
    20 napja

    party please

  9. Soul Hook
    Soul Hook
    23 napja

    0:36 i'm in this video and I don't like it.

  10. Feel J Akir
    Feel J Akir
    27 napja

    197 people Didnt get the party invite in time.

  11. GlowSticks

    This is so accurate

  12. GlowSticks

    PP LUL

  13. ForeverFrank

    I was totally that druid, spamming TP/PP and not getting the quest

  14. Marcus Lujan
    Marcus Lujan

    That ending when you missed andariel quest and everyone just fucks off to act 2 all happily and you're just there was so accurate lol this is an magnificent game.

  15. Fake Name
    Fake Name

    "TP...TP. Send TP. TP. Send TP. (can't enter portal) ......PP. I need PP. Give me PP" I couldn't tell you how many times I saw this. Brilliant.

  16. Roddl Rotti
    Roddl Rotti

    The annoying guy with tp tp tp...... pp...pp...pp... i was Laughing my ass of

  17. Jeff K
    Jeff K

    why is that spider thing censored?

  18. Jenchi Plays
    Jenchi Plays

    At 0:32 if you look at his corpse it seems he liked it. Wonder how ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  19. Evil768

    TP PP

  20. Marcin Mackiewicz
    Marcin Mackiewicz

    Best one so far ;DDD I love You Carbot!

  21. Dexter Denmark
    Dexter Denmark
    2 hónapja

    If you're worried about poor druid, just don't - he made it to act 2 by himself

  22. Artem Batalov
    Artem Batalov
    2 hónapja


  23. William Weaver
    William Weaver
    2 hónapja

    pp i need pp had me dead hahahahahahah

  24. Luke brown
    Luke brown
    2 hónapja

    Lol necbromancer best nec name ever

  25. mike
    2 hónapja

    i just now noticed the paladin dies happy lmfao

  26. Grusharaburas
    2 hónapja

    Andy would've been in a better mood if she had found the Horadric Hairbrush.

  27. Jin
    2 hónapja

    The druid in town is so accurate lmfao

  28. TheNullNumber
    2 hónapja

    0:12 when your good early game weapon gets ethereal. Essentially making it useless in 30 seconds.

  29. Angel
    2 hónapja

    LMAO! Blacksmith too strong for a typical distance attack char like amazon. He guards the magic Maulus that Charsey asks you to find for her. If you recover the maulus, Charsey will enchant one of your items with ramdom properties for free. These properties are usually shit if you use it right away. Experienced players will wait till act 4 maybe to come back and enchant something worthwhile. Idk about the barbarian jump skill to bypass the fences and gates, I would typically use sorceress or assassin to teleport past them. Andariel waits for you chilling on her throne, and she is naked and has big, big boobs. She's also half spider and has some serious poison skills. She's also very freaking strong. Players not present in the game before starting a boss fight cannot use TP (Town Portal) until boss is dead I assume, don't really know as broadband internet was not yet available in my country when I played this game, so I never really got to go multiplayer until I was already playing Halo. You will always want to open a TP to go buy more antidote potions, because you'll get poisoned like 100 times before you manage to kill Andariel

  30. Przemyslaw T
    Przemyslaw T
    2 hónapja

    Awesome hahahaha :-D

  31. Bryton Arnold
    Bryton Arnold
    2 hónapja


  32. Dominik Polewka
    Dominik Polewka
    2 hónapja

    lol druid acting like ike of southpark.

  33. Elsneakakaze
    3 hónapja

    Tidas laugh classic

  34. Tony Truong
    Tony Truong
    3 hónapja

    omg the send tp chat spam LOL

  35. Blue Lick
    Blue Lick
    3 hónapja

    Paladin died with a smile on his face.... I guess I understand him

  36. GrievousD2
    3 hónapja

    Ahh, this must be the tale of the level 17 Druid.

  37. Victor Montt
    Victor Montt
    3 hónapja

    jajajajajaja tp tp send tp tp tp pp tpptpppp JAJAJAJAJA

  38. hi
    3 hónapja


  39. Tech
    3 hónapja

    Soooooo funny!!! xD

  40. Twitch Haxard
    Twitch Haxard
    3 hónapja

    Your videos are frikkin awesome!

  41. 요리왕초
    3 hónapja

    Tp tp tp Pp pp pp ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    3 hónapja

    "I NEED TP FOR MY BUNGHOLE," always got me an add. So did, "PP. THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!"

  43. Pleasant Whale
    Pleasant Whale
    3 hónapja


    3 hónapja

    Haha, Drood wazzn't even in ze partay. Would be funny if someone OG pvp noticed his ass, then he treks for weeks through the wilderness getting to the partay, and someone pvp kills him the minute he catches up.

  45. 박재홍
    3 hónapja

    감옥을 리프어택으로 넘다니 참ㅋㅋ

  46. SunRise Tenshi
    SunRise Tenshi
    3 hónapja

    0:34 This pal seems like satisfayed)

  47. bloodrunsclear
    3 hónapja

    You can always just spam skeletons in Andy’s room. She never gets close!

      3 hónapja

      Bring on the flamewaves though. Still hard at low level without good hp levels.

  48. Kastroy Anova
    Kastroy Anova
    3 hónapja

    When are you doing act 2? I miss this!

  49. Sorrontis Games
    Sorrontis Games
    3 hónapja

    I'm dying for more......

  50. WojW
    3 hónapja

    1:24 the little fallen from first episodes still hanging with Barbarian ;D

  51. Eaggra
    3 hónapja

    Seems like the assasine will also stay in act 1. So both from the expansion set. hmmm

  52. Sebastien Le
    Sebastien Le
    3 hónapja

    I'll resubscribe again if ever you post more of Diablol 2.

  53. Max Loh
    Max Loh
    3 hónapja

    Wow, you cartoonized the health potion gimmick perfectly.

  54. Eddie S.
    Eddie S.
    3 hónapja


  55. CaptainRezo
    4 hónapja

    I hope the Duriel one is just a massive line of people walking into a town portal and then ending up in the back of the line

  56. Scrub Wave
    Scrub Wave
    4 hónapja

    Paladin got one of those famous happy endings.

  57. ed francis
    ed francis
    4 hónapja

    Highlights from Act 2: That stupid maze underground - zappy bugs! That stupid maze in space - zappy bugs! fighting a huge fast lesser evil in a small box about 8ft wide who freezes you. ... hmmm... sand

  58. Minseok Kwak
    Minseok Kwak
    4 hónapja

    i saw a post that they already finished up to duriel and yet they delay 3 weeks with no diablol episode. not cool

  59. Miro Mes
    Miro Mes
    4 hónapja

    Amazon is so cute always get tricked 😂

  60. Amanda Nelke
    Amanda Nelke
    4 hónapja

    i hope he finishes this, sitting here rewatching it all waiting for more

  61. Marcos Vargas Morán
    Marcos Vargas Morán
    4 hónapja

    I can't wait to see the bugs in act 2, the sabre cats, and the fetishes in act 3

  62. Vince Gál
    Vince Gál
    4 hónapja

    I don't know if it was me, but I personally never cared about her being nude, let alone notice it, I was too occupied with her fight.

  63. Serious Söd
    Serious Söd
    4 hónapja

    That Necromancer death cry.... I know it well.

  64. Tom4z
    4 hónapja

    ending is pure evil XD

  65. LauraArniman
    4 hónapja

    When will be act 2?

  66. Sage of Souls
    Sage of Souls
    4 hónapja

    What happened to Episode 6? It's not in the playlist.

  67. Frederick Böttcher
    Frederick Böttcher
    4 hónapja

    Pure gold.

  68. Gyor
    4 hónapja

    Omg.. I played this when it was released... This brings back so many memories... Lol

  69. Die Aktionärin - Krissy Rieger
    Die Aktionärin - Krissy Rieger
    4 hónapja


  70. TERRA
    4 hónapja

    I feel the tp & pp spam. Such good memories.

  71. Elija Green Castro
    Elija Green Castro
    4 hónapja

    Dude, go to this link carbotanimations.fandom.com/wiki/Raven_Diablol

  72. Odbarc
    4 hónapja

    People would absolutely spam "TP" when there already was one. You gotta do one about trading and scams.

  73. Godspeedhero
    4 hónapja

    This is the most accurate and hilarious retelling of "Playing Diablo II" that I've ever seen. I binged all the videos. Thank you for such amazing content! I hope to see more in the future! +1 Sub

  74. 검은고양이
    4 hónapja

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아 ppp 개웃기네

  75. Adrian Iskrzycki
    Adrian Iskrzycki
    4 hónapja

    I love the moment Charsi brick an item

  76. atlamiperro
    4 hónapja

    plz, next episode: Cows p1: plz dont kill cow king p3:dont worry p7:i cant p5:even if i wanted i couldnt p1: ok lets go Next game: "i cant use this yet"

  77. Mattias Magnusson
    Mattias Magnusson
    4 hónapja


  78. Trevor Smith
    Trevor Smith
    4 hónapja

    I don’t miss the days of “TP” “PP” spam in chat 🙄

  79. San dro
    San dro
    4 hónapja

    Met the high council to confirm she had only thongs. Visible boobs.

  80. phenel
    4 hónapja

    please please please...more diablol 2

  81. Isaac Schultz
    Isaac Schultz
    4 hónapja

    You can tell Carbot actually played the game a lot - the storyboarding is so on point and really captures the experience! I want this series to go all the way to Act 5. Also eagerly awaiting the Cow Level!

  82. Darkan Khan
    Darkan Khan
    4 hónapja

    1:25 "the shortest distance between two points is a straight line"

  83. joelburgos69
    4 hónapja

    Duriel is gonna by a blast. This channel is amazing, keep going...

  84. Kyle Jamer
    Kyle Jamer
    4 hónapja

    Yaaasssss Frenzy Barb 😂

  85. fullonsociopath
    4 hónapja

    You should only imbue the biggest normal belt you can get. Anything else is either imbued as crap from the get go, or else will be obsolete within two quests. Belts aren't changed out nearly as fast, and the biggest one means the one that holds the most potions. This lasts the longest. And NEVER NEVER NEVER imbue a weapon. It always comes out crap, just like the cartoon showed.

    4 hónapja

    Ive played this game since 1.12c and this shit is VERY ACCURATE! Well done on making me laugh at my favorite game that i still play to this day

  87. Martin
    4 hónapja

    Act 2 has to contain at least the mercenary being completely drowning in the potions you force feed him.

  88. alternativeforest
    4 hónapja

    so short...

  89. Morrigan Renfield
    Morrigan Renfield
    4 hónapja

    I don't know if it's worse or better for me that I never played the game because I'm more confused but still laughing

  90. Marin Alexandu Radu
    Marin Alexandu Radu
    4 hónapja

    1:24 couldn't be more accurate when missing the boss fight and getting stuck on the same act

  91. Phreakazoid_TV
    4 hónapja

    classic, leaving ppl behind and go to act 2 :D

  92. yelsew82
    4 hónapja

    Its like you played in the hay day of the game and it really shows lol. Everything as silly as its portrayed so far actually at least used to happen in the game lmao. Hilarious

  93. Cyko
    4 hónapja

    I played Diablo 2 since the beginning in 2000, I remember buying it at Walmart in the summer of that year. I made one account and had one character. Then I had 8 characters. Then I had 3 accounts with 8 characters each. I really loved the game. Played frequently. Had all the godliest of items: Zod runes, SOJs, Runeword items, complete sets, etc. Then one day I had a baby (not me, my girlfriend) and didn't log on for 90 days... Every character on all 3 accounts said the same thing: "Character Expired" . I was like, "You got to be f**kin kidding me...." All my time invested vanished like I was a nobody. Because of that, I've never gotten deeply involved into ANY Blizzard games. I've never played WoW at all, only played a couple matches in Overwatch, never played Hearthstone, I have Diablo 3 for either PS3 or 4 (can't remember) but never broke the shrink-wrap yet to play it. Blizzard did me wrong in my opinion. I understand their policy but damn. Sometimes people lose their jobs and are on unemployment for months with no internet. Your videos make me feel like I am playing Diablo 2 again. I love them. They are spot on perfect. Thank you for taking the time to make them.

  94. XvinX
    4 hónapja

    Oh my god; these are hilarious.

  95. Belbecat
    4 hónapja

    Expected a whole episode of running out of antidotes and kiting lol. Still accurate

  96. nik kot
    nik kot
    4 hónapja

    The feeling when you associate yourself with the druid is... pipi...

  97. sean conroy
    sean conroy
    4 hónapja

    That ending is so relatable when everyone is happy and moving on and youre just left there alone

  98. Snowden Mercury
    Snowden Mercury
    4 hónapja

    Lesllee? Are u? :,)

  99. strickter
    4 hónapja

    You have perfectly recreated my childhood gaming life with all of these series. You just need to do a Runescape series now

      3 hónapja

      Carbot only toys with Blizzard memes, sadly.

  100. MrKrinkelz
    4 hónapja

    Cant wait for them to meet duriel underlevelled or