Diablol 2 Ep 15 "Duriel the Pain Train"

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  1. EndellionQT
    5 órája

    Ah, 20 years ago I can remember constantly running in to Duriel over and over again with every new character I created. Good times.

  2. Ethereal Owls
    Ethereal Owls
    10 órája

    So Jerhyn was actually eating dinner and not being a fatso on the couch.

  3. DerViking
    14 órája


  4. Pierre Demet
    Pierre Demet

    my very first D2 char was a summon necro in solo. It... took me a while.

  5. Marinosso

    LOOOOOOOOOOL 0:22 - 0:27


    Так все и было.

  7. cgriggsiv

    Dude this is so freaking hilarious don't you ever stop Dude I love the part when dariel grabbed his claw out of the portal and drag that dude back in I laughed and laughed everything was absolutely hilarious

  8. 센치Senchi

    You have done very well

  9. DarkMephy

    Thats how i felt while i fought duriel for the first time too. portal to duriel and durial back to portal in the city : p

  10. cthrekgoru
    2 napja

    In my opinion if you don’t know how to fight him, he is the hardest boss. Every other boss in large areas. Plenty of space to escape and maneuver . His speed , his freeze oh the nightmare...

  11. kenny maple
    kenny maple
    3 napja

    This is exactly how i remember d2. Did we all have the same diablo experience?

    1. EndellionQT
      4 órája

      For Duriel? Yes. Oh god yes.

  12. erzi
    3 napja

    like always .... 1 point in static field is overrated and bad ..... @_@ ..... always good against bosses!

  13. John Runyon
    John Runyon
    3 napja

    When I first started playing Diablo 2 (and was probably like 10 years old), I loved the idea of the necromancer. Summon minions and let them do my bidding? Duh! Obviously I didn't realize how non-viable that is, but yeah. I feel the pain of 0:18.

    1. joshua kim
      joshua kim
      21 órája

      It is viable, just in a really weird, enemy AI manipulating way. For some reason, bosses priority target golems, so if you have a bunch of mana potions and a few ice skeleton mages with the rest of your army, you just spam Clay Golem in the same spot to permanently force aggro away from the skeletons doing the damage. It also keeps Diable from sweeping through your army with one Lighting Inferno since if you spam golems on the same spot, he'll keep the laser focused on that one spot.

  14. ublade82
    3 napja

    These are so ridiculous compared to Diablol 1

  15. Koumei
    3 napja

    And now we have Resurrected!

  16. Kyle Mm
    Kyle Mm
    3 napja

    The best 👍

  17. DrecxDG
    3 napja

    and now we have diablo 2 resurrected

  18. Tấn Phát Trần
    Tấn Phát Trần
    3 napja

    Lol, reminded me when i was doing socket quest rush and forgot to talk with Jehyrn before went to arcane santuary.🤣🤣🤣

  19. NOKIA 3310
    NOKIA 3310
    3 napja

    Duriel the real challenge even more than diablo. Should have named it Duriel 2

  20. PJthePlayer
    3 napja

    God that "You may not pass!" used to be so damn annoying haha.

  21. z4rkenny
    3 napja

    perfect. i love the attention to details

  22. Patrick Trousdale
    Patrick Trousdale
    3 napja

    Lol good one :)

  23. JARY
    3 napja

    This was perfection lol, can’t wait for D2 Remastered

  24. Shane Wright
    Shane Wright
    4 napja

    Diablo 1 had the Butcher, and the Skeleton King - Diablo 2 had Duriel and enemy affixes

  25. Lawrence m
    Lawrence m
    4 napja


  26. Marcus Weaver
    Marcus Weaver
    4 napja


  27. Alon Car
    Alon Car
    4 napja

    i love your work!

  28. luki00765
    4 napja

    just announced Diablo 2 Resurrected! We'll meet again duriel! :)

  29. Juan Rojas
    Juan Rojas
    4 napja

    That blizzcon animation was amazing, I was so surprised to see it

  30. Linkforlife199
    5 napja

    Forgot something with Duriel, he has a slow aura which made him brutal for melee characters to fight him.

  31. Justin Locker
    Justin Locker
    5 napja

    Perfect =)

  32. Глеб Сачков
    Глеб Сачков
    5 napja

    Frankly, the worst thing about this guy for me was the fact that game bugged out on me and the angel didn't appear in the bridge room, not letting me progress. So I had to kill Duriel like 20 times. In SP. As Necro. Until the game decided to finally stop messing with me, no idea what was different that time or why did the bug happen in the first place. Fun times were had by all. Anyway, glad this got recommended to me, watched both Diablo playlists, subscribed, will be happy to see more in the future.

  33. Krasser MLG
    Krasser MLG
    5 napja


  34. Simbast
    5 napja

    Blizzard hype

  35. Szczepan Szczepankiewicz
    Szczepan Szczepankiewicz
    5 napja

    Third act now... Shit's gonna be long...

  36. slapasen
    5 napja

    True that. One thing is different thought... Duriel drops only town portals. :) The rest is just amazing true :D see around, Path of Diablo!

  37. Zugzug Zugzugson
    Zugzug Zugzugson
    5 napja

    HALT **STAB** "AHhhh!"

  38. Zugzug Zugzugson
    Zugzug Zugzugson
    5 napja

    imagine not spamming blood golem to tank the hits, he can at least take 2-3 hits compared to the clay goylem.

  39. D S
    D S
    6 napja

    Now Act 3. Welcome to the hell of jungle maze !

  40. Norske vikingen
    Norske vikingen
    6 napja

    HAHAHA i can never say which episode is the best. But this was one of the top! When she tried to grab the bow, hahaha the feeling XD .

  41. Kostadin Stefanoff
    Kostadin Stefanoff
    6 napja

    I've cried and laughed while watching this. Duriel is the hardest boss in the game, period! I remember like it was yesterday when i used to do the following loop - Enter Duriel's chamber - get one-shot while loading or immediately after loading, run naked from the Canyon of the Magi - set TP to hot key, - enter Duriel's chamber spamming TP - die almost immediately - TP and spam TP run like mad man to get your corpse, hit Duriel before you get one-shot again (he has absurd hit chance) ... rinse and repeat until Duriel dies or you run out of gold for repairs...

  42. István Józsa
    István Józsa
    6 napja

    Love these mini episodes. Please make a whole 1,5-2 hours film from the diablo I could watch it

  43. Knout
    6 napja

    Accuracy over 99999%

  44. Формальдегид
    6 napja


  45. bobobo500
    6 napja

    That is just amazing!

  46. The Swift Yordle
    The Swift Yordle
    6 napja


  47. Jonathan Kordsmeier
    Jonathan Kordsmeier
    6 napja

    Loooooookkkinngggg foooorr BAAAAALLLL?

  48. llVIU
    6 napja

    -lvl 99 kills durial -nobody gets quest because he wasn't in the party FML

  49. Jordan Passant
    Jordan Passant
    6 napja

    I actually laugh out loud with these videos, guys. Keep em comin. All of the in-game sounds and inside (gameplay themes/memes) jokes are clever and so relatable.

  50. Jack Mehoff
    Jack Mehoff
    7 napja

    Been watching these episodes for a bit now and wow, do they really hit on point when it came to frustrations LMAO. Keep up the great work!

  51. HyShade
    7 napja

    Totally unrelated to the video, but I miss those days when loot wasn't soulbound to your character.

  52. Dracaan
    7 napja

    Yeah that sums it up REALLY well actually XD

  53. Tomek Kolanowski
    Tomek Kolanowski
    7 napja

    Did I hear right about a possible new expansion to D2?

  54. Елена Бугрова
    Елена Бугрова
    7 napja

    Please animate Red alert 3

  55. StudleyDuderight
    7 napja

    What do you expect trying to take on Duriel at level 15...

  56. Disaster Jones
    Disaster Jones
    7 napja

    Just once I want the sorc to snag the loot with telekinesis. We need a "swiper no swiping" moment for sure.

  57. Рептилоид Рептилоидович
    Рептилоид Рептилоидович
    7 napja

    LoL :-)))))

  58. Erik Brooks
    Erik Brooks
    7 napja


  59. voVer
    7 napja

    турбо жиза

  60. Alfonso Rial
    Alfonso Rial
    7 napja

    Im really happy i have found this. There is not any word in any lenguage that can describe how amazing this animations are

  61. brandolfor
    7 napja

    These are AMAZING!! I played the pants of D2, and can relate to every episode! I love dis!

  62. ted rebel
    ted rebel
    7 napja

    Man this is too accurate to be funny.

  63. Frodarec
    7 napja

    Lmao it is JUST PER-FECT

  64. ambush bob
    ambush bob
    7 napja

    I hated players like the assasin.

  65. Ice Viking
    Ice Viking
    7 napja

    God even after playing through Diablo 2 so many times Durial is still the most difficult Boss battle due to where your character is currently at in level and items.

  66. I am a loaf of Bread
    I am a loaf of Bread
    7 napja

    1:34 the most powerful boss in the game

  67. _STING_
    7 napja

    that was epic!

  68. therealbahamut
    8 napja

    Carbot. The voice of a generation.

  69. Names Tick
    Names Tick
    8 napja

    "You may not pass" that shit was so annoying lmao

  70. Matthew Reynolds
    Matthew Reynolds
    8 napja

    The thing I found most frustrating about Duriel was the difficulty spike. The first time I played through Diablo II I died a time or two learning the controls but by the time I'd gotten through the first era and to the monetary I was rocking everything. I'd had no deaths after hours of gameplay and really thought I was ahead of the curve. Then out of no where, not even really expecting a boss, I met Duriel. Oh the pain and the frustration. So many deaths I couldn't count them. I really thought about just giving up and starting over or just giving up and not restarting at all.

  71. Arnaud Bouret
    Arnaud Bouret
    8 napja

    Duriel, slayer of many HC characters...

  72. Stas Chernov
    Stas Chernov
    8 napja

    sorc cant use ench in town)

  73. Stas Chernov
    Stas Chernov
    8 napja

    just use static field or crushong blow

  74. Z 000
    Z 000
    8 napja

    as a guy who play as a Necromancer, very accurate, good lord was it so accurate, i'm getting flashback

  75. yahya musseb
    yahya musseb
    8 napja

    The real boss was the guard on the door

  76. Ryan Davidson
    Ryan Davidson
    8 napja

    I wonder if yall will do a joke about old school knights in act 4 with iron maiden, before they was nerfed and that spell was completely removed from enemies. The barb will just run in and kill himself by hitting the enemies lol

  77. Ville Hautala
    Ville Hautala
    8 napja

    Ah, Duriel. The only creature that scared me more than The Butcher from the original Diablo.

  78. Fated4Glory
    8 napja

    This series is such a labor of love, and everything is so relatable, love you carbot

  79. D.T.M
    8 napja

    I think we can all agree: F*** DURIEL!

  80. Cocomunga Productions
    Cocomunga Productions
    8 napja

    This is my favorite episode.

  81. Kevin McCalister
    Kevin McCalister
    8 napja

    Expected more from this episode, but i enjoyed it alot.

  82. ChaosFonja
    8 napja

    Fun fact: there is an item in game that is named lightsabre.

  83. BelieveinWaheed
    8 napja

    Thanks! Thanks!

  84. teacherlion
    8 napja

    So good! thanks!

  85. LordGopu
    8 napja

    LOOKING FOR BAAL?! *instantly frozen* *dead*

  86. KaiForce
    8 napja

    Best one yet

  87. Schwarzer Ritter
    Schwarzer Ritter
    8 napja

    0:13 Everyone's reaction of fighting Duriel for the first time. He is a massive difficulty spike. To elaborate, The arena is just one small room without any terrain you can use for your advantage. He has high melee attack, moves fast, has the Paladin's Charge attack to move even faster and has the Paladin's Holy Freeze aura to make the group move slower. All you can do is fight him at melee range and hope for the best. 0:14 Act bosses do increased damage to summons. 0:19 Desert Mercenaries are the mercenaries of act 2. They are actually quite popular, because they have Paladin auras. Although in this case, they are used as meat shield. 0:23 The reason he keeps saying "thanks" is because you can give potions to your mercenary. The Sorceress is basically constantly shoving down rejuvenation potions down his throat, which heal instantly instead of over time. 0:36 Killing the player also kills the mercenary. 0:39 Remember to use the portal of a party member, because your own portal closes. 0:54 The Sorceress just logged in with another character. 1:01 This Sorceress is an "enchantress", which means she focuses in the spell Enchant. It will enchant the weapon of any player with high fire damage and accuracy. Since this costs 60 skill points, enchanting is literally all the character can do. Since Enchant lasts a long time, there is not even a reason for the Enchantress to be in the field with the party. 1:12 Defeating Duriel triggers an earthquake. The shaking screen makes it hard to click on the loot. 1:18 Nobody cares about the lore. 1:20 You need to talk to Sultan Jerhyn to get to the next act. But since the party did some sequence breaking, they can't enter the palace to talk to him and have to wait until he randomly walks out. 1:42 The Sorceress expected the party to wait until she logged back in to kill Duriel; but since they killed him before that, she can't go to act 3. Pro tip: Since the Sorceress spell Static Field does damage in %, bosses go down insanely fast for one single skill point (or zero if you found a staff that increases the spell level), at least on normal difficulty.

  88. Tyler Orr
    Tyler Orr
    8 napja

    So good. Can’t wait until we get to meet Mephisto.

  89. RoboticDragon
    8 napja

    God these are so fucking funny. You guys do such an amazing job of capturing what it was like. I love every single one of your videos.

  90. Axis1337
    8 napja

    I cannot even express how much I love this series. Loved your other stuff as well, of course, but Diablo 2 has such a hugeeee place in my heart and these videos are SOOOO accurate.

  91. Malganiss Caballero
    Malganiss Caballero
    8 napja

    Creo que sería bueno uno animatioms de art of war 3 global conflic XD?

  92. vindicator05
    8 napja

    0:13 Fun fact: casting blood golems one by one and cursing Duriel with Iron Maiden is quite an easy way to get past this annoying fuck! It took me about 20 years to find redemption. Hope it does you good, as well, my fellow PTSD'd bug squishers :) Here's how: The blood golem delivers a meat shield of at least 200 HP. Iron Maiden returns 200% of the inflicted damage at slvl 1. The golem is one hitted by Duriel and you can recast it very quickly (stack up on mana potions!). This means Duriel takes 400-500 dmg easily with every golem he slays while having ~4000 HPs himself. At these clvls (~20) there is nothing available which inflicts these amounts of damage to a single target with such a high dps-rate. The necro really shines here as he does more damage to the most terrifying boss than an entire party. Veterans, don't be afraid of the blood golem losing health: after version 1.13, you only gain health from the golems leech capabilities but do not lose health when it takes damage.

  93. 朕是神
    8 napja

    I want to see the mob with statue lurking around just waiting to deliver it to the player asap lol.

  94. Jonathan Walensi
    Jonathan Walensi
    8 napja

    seems like someone has been playing project diablo xD

  95. Aron Knifström
    Aron Knifström
    8 napja

    Skip Act 3, thats meta. Start next episode in act 4 would be awesome!

  96. Wayne WW Brown
    Wayne WW Brown
    8 napja

    How true is that Gandalf "You may NOT pass"

  97. TorqaL
    8 napja

    So relatable I love this.

  98. No Layer Arts
    No Layer Arts
    8 napja

    Can u try c&c generals? Cuz i can imagine ur art style being animated into c&c

  99. S4 Dearly
    S4 Dearly
    9 napja

    These Are so relatable and funny thank you for making these!

  100. GavallEEER
    9 napja

    so boring..