HeroStorm Ep 76 "Unseen Outcome"

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  1. -Rage'- bLacKouT
    -Rage'- bLacKouT
    11 napja

    I m rat player like Li-Ming

  2. Roman HA-22
    Roman HA-22
    4 hónapja

    Nooovaaa!!! Nooo!!!

  3. Kategari
    5 hónapja

    Aaah yes the no tank no worries approach, either this is Diamond MMR Quick Match or Silver League Storm League

  4. yonny encubierto
    yonny encubierto
    5 hónapja


  5. Anon
    7 hónapja

    Could someone tell me what is the music that is playing up until 0:32 I've been looking for it for a while but can never find it.

  6. Дмитрий Гусарев
    Дмитрий Гусарев
    7 hónapja

    There are so many heroes with AOE now i begin to ask myself why stealth heroes still exist

  7. Dominik Polewka
    Dominik Polewka
    8 hónapja

    Anudin lol

  8. Thescott16
    8 hónapja

    The funniest part about this is the idea that a Nova could keep up with a Zera and Val...

  9. Antus M
    Antus M
    8 hónapja

    Love Highlord

  10. Kokichi Oma
    Kokichi Oma
    8 hónapja

    Alarak 2020 1:00

  11. Lena Oxton
    Lena Oxton
    8 hónapja

    Nova my love...noooo T____T rip XD

  12. lauri y-v
    lauri y-v
    8 hónapja

    not even full?

  13. Lia Lia
    Lia Lia
    9 hónapja

    Wait.. anduin can leap of faith nuke?

  14. Alex Horbatiuk
    Alex Horbatiuk
    9 hónapja

    Its a shame I can only like this once

  15. Israel Ulloa
    Israel Ulloa
    9 hónapja

    I want hearthstone ❤️

  16. Andrew Emberso
    Andrew Emberso
    9 hónapja

    That tragedy would have been avoided if Valeera silenced that Anduin immediately! 😂

  17. andreas holm
    andreas holm
    9 hónapja

    Am i the only 1 mildly annoyed that we received no info regarding the zergling plush after writing makeshift 3 times today i see they postphoned it for december.. carbot isnt saying a Word its all about views and money. He seems desperate to stay relevant

  18. Ebon Hawk
    Ebon Hawk
    9 hónapja

    alarak is not impressed, maybe if auriel had resurrected all 4 of them, probably not.

  19. Laylla's Locker
    Laylla's Locker
    9 hónapja

    How I hate playing support with Alarak in my team. His constant shit talk is annoying AF. xD

  20. Judicator Hurayth
    Judicator Hurayth
    9 hónapja

    Zeratul: 51 Minutes have pass. Is time to consume All Hero’s.

  21. Biouke
    9 hónapja

    Super Sayan Anduin XD

  22. tarrker
    9 hónapja

    Anduid can move D.Va's ult?

    1. tarrker
      9 hónapja

      @Carlos Sánchez oh right. Leap of faith, I think? I completely forgot about that ability.

    2. Carlos Sánchez
      Carlos Sánchez
      9 hónapja

      it count as a hero unit so if it is on his team yes, same thing with Garosh

  23. Eric 9371
    Eric 9371
    9 hónapja

    I’m being repressed!

  24. zippo718
    9 hónapja

    Lol the tower lock on sound made me panic.

  25. Anthony Weldt
    Anthony Weldt
    9 hónapja

    Still waiting on the two zergling plushies I bought, how about everyone else?

  26. Caribeancrysis
    9 hónapja

    Auriel should have reversed that res.

  27. Facunndo Leonel Quintero
    Facunndo Leonel Quintero
    9 hónapja

    aduin op nerf plz

  28. Akhen
    9 hónapja

    As a Li Ming main, i feel so honoured that you have included the most Li Ming thing a Li Ming can do, in that single short clip at 0:23

  29. inkredibill
    9 hónapja

    Great animation as always. With the exception of Diablo 2 and Starcraft, I feel bad that you most likely have to play these new Blizzard games in order to get references for animations lol.

  30. Marco Túlio
    Marco Túlio
    9 hónapja

    There's always a annoying Li-ming destroying fountains

  31. Дмитрий Гусарев
    Дмитрий Гусарев
    9 hónapja

    Experienced Anduin dunking D.Va's selfdestructing mech on the entire enemy team is always amazing to watch in pubs

  32. lee hohyeok
    lee hohyeok
    9 hónapja

    M -duin the thief priest. Well. There is nothing weird. He stole his ally's robot. And used it as weapon. Juuuust like ashbringer!

  33. lala97849
    9 hónapja

    well i sure didn't see that coming.

  34. sarah
    9 hónapja

    Hahahah cheap shot pun 😄

  35. Ratta My Tata
    Ratta My Tata
    9 hónapja

    Zeratul reported for trolling because he didn't use void prison on the bomb.

  36. Weird Cat
    Weird Cat
    9 hónapja

    Where the hell does Anduin laugh like that anyway?

  37. Jerry Lin
    Jerry Lin
    9 hónapja

    The Nightmare scenario in QM. And this always happens when i play tracer..... it is confirm, it is science! P.S. It just missing an aba

  38. Wesmin
    9 hónapja

    I thought "Why is Tyreal using Toilet Paper" at the start, the end clarified. I feel like my playstyle on Li-ming is always attacking fountains too. :P

  39. A Living Odyssey
    A Living Odyssey
    9 hónapja

    Oh I wish stealth wasn’t still a threat

  40. PhazonOmega
    9 hónapja

    This video was cathartic until all the assassins were killed by the D.Va bomb. That was sad.

  41. Léa Ghetto
    Léa Ghetto
    9 hónapja

    the good guide have truly in v1.79 my concern it's *RAZORVIEWS* *COM*

  42. Aurelie Aussenac
    Aurelie Aussenac
    9 hónapja

    the good guide is truly in v3.49 my concern it's *RAZORVIEWS* *COM*

  43. Leonardo Pizzolotto
    Leonardo Pizzolotto
    9 hónapja

    As an Anduin main, I am so happy to see that. I can't count the number of times I've done this. Which is why I love healing D.Vas

  44. Swift Nimblefoot
    Swift Nimblefoot
    9 hónapja

    Who was that kid, Tidus from FF8?

    1. Claire Farron
      Claire Farron
      9 hónapja

      he's Anduin

  45. MizukiStone44
    9 hónapja

    fear the bowl cut.

  46. H H
    H H
    9 hónapja


  47. ihajo
    9 hónapja

    Are we getting among us?

  48. PirateDragonTurtle
    9 hónapja

    My cycle with HotS - have fun playing casual until mmr increases to the point where salt players are stuck leave the game for a few months and repeat

    9 hónapja

    but alarak was right she still can heal better due to infinity i gues mision on pasive (energy ) and her R can be upgraded at 20

  50. Mysterious Stranger
    Mysterious Stranger
    9 hónapja

    You know it out of the park with basically every HeroStorm. I love it. When I am a bit richer I will give you my money. Give me a few years... You have to keep making cartoons in the mean time!

  51. G.T.R
    9 hónapja

    (1:01) es todo lo que puedes curar.

  52. Dababy Convertible
    Dababy Convertible
    9 hónapja

    Imagine finding a stealthed mounted samuro. That would be fun to deal with.

  53. Alexander Pushkar
    Alexander Pushkar
    9 hónapja

    Russian speakers will definitely hear ”Pizdets the best healing you can do” :) (Not sure that I can translate “pizdets” correctly, it’s something like “FUBAR”. Well, the moment Anduin came and throwed nuke was a pizdets for another team)

  54. Megasaiyu
    9 hónapja

    The only thing missing is the end of video quirky clip of a zeratul void prison after he blinks away to save his team lol. ah well!

  55. Anton Disaster
    Anton Disaster
    9 hónapja

    Круто сделано, смотрю ваши ролики уже лет 7. молодцы

  56. Shawn McDowell
    Shawn McDowell
    9 hónapja

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    1. Claire Farron
      Claire Farron
      9 hónapja

      God let people die from cancer, even to children. Mind this.

  57. Валерий Некрасов
    Валерий Некрасов
    9 hónapja

    1:03 сделать нахмуривание бровей кромкой капюшона? почему бы нет

  58. Jack Yutani
    Jack Yutani
    9 hónapja

    Idea for a new animation series or short if you want to. But what if you do Command and Conquer 1, Command and Conquer 2 Tiberian Sun and Firestorm, and Command and Conquer 3 Tiberian Wars and Kane's wrath. But let's never speak of Tiberian Twlight and Rivials. The Red Alert series shouldn't hurt anything.

  59. 张博立
    9 hónapja


  60. Gustavo
    9 hónapja

    i am sorry,but u loses ur touch, really a boring animation.

  61. Amber Kobato
    Amber Kobato
    9 hónapja

    Oh come on, Carbot is being repressed again? =(

  62. Morec0
    9 hónapja

    Was Arthas' horse anywhere in this? I think it should have been.

  63. Eloryan
    9 hónapja

    Ahahah that's literally what I was doing with Anduin when he came out ! :D

  64. Dio
    9 hónapja

    poor uriel :(

  65. Nora
    9 hónapja

    Me and my friends once did a full stealth game in quick match... Nova, Samura, Val, Zera + Tyrande (When her ult was a solo stealth thing) . Safe to say I've actually never seen a full team quit before until then.

  66. ZakuNick
    9 hónapja

    Son Gohan?

    1. Claire Farron
      Claire Farron
      9 hónapja

      No, son Anduin (son of Varian)

  67. Heather Renee
    Heather Renee
    9 hónapja

    what about a Kerrigan plushie?

  68. Elías Alba
    Elías Alba
    9 hónapja

    Easy way to win against a lot of stealth characters: push

  69. Elías Alba
    Elías Alba
    9 hónapja

    0:20 Illidan turns into a graffiti

  70. Elphaba
    9 hónapja


  71. WarBird
    9 hónapja


  72. Nexsusthepro
    9 hónapja

    love alarak in carbots

  73. SuperTtKiller
    9 hónapja

    Vegeta: IT´S OVER 9000!!!

  74. 장현정
    9 hónapja

    3연킬로 적을 한방에!

  75. Saint Jimmy
    Saint Jimmy
    9 hónapja

    Alarak: Hmmm... Acceptable.

  76. Emre Zorlu
    Emre Zorlu
    9 hónapja

    "Is this the best healing you can do!?" I truly hate it when i play with my Li Li >:(

  77. Buggster
    9 hónapja

    Isn't Li-Ming attacking her own Fountain? Valeera, Alarak, Zeratul, Auriel and Nova seem to be team red since Zarya collects Exp Orbs from team red minions. :D

  78. Mr.Raindrop
    9 hónapja


  79. Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw
    9 hónapja

    _The boy-king serves at the master's table. Three lies will he offer you._

    1. Matthew Oldhaver
      Matthew Oldhaver
      9 hónapja

      Lie number one is that escape is possible.

  80. Heavy Stalin
    Heavy Stalin
    9 hónapja

    0:39 Prepaare for *smacks lips* _UNFORSSSEEN CONSSEQUENCES_

  81. Beretta249
    9 hónapja

    Bowl cut? Giant power death orb thrown from overhead? Young man with unusual potential from a special ancestry? _I see what you did there._ Well played.

  82. Kly
    9 hónapja

    Auriel *casts true resurrection on Alarak* Alarak: "Is this the best healing you can do?" Uther: "He has no honor."

    1. Yusukeseru

      Who needs honor, when you can get sadism?

  83. ShadowsMan
    9 hónapja

    Auriel made a good decision not resurrecting the Valeera that was too stupid to use cloak of shadows against that self destruct.

  84. Zelnogar Gr
    Zelnogar Gr
    9 hónapja

    very funny video CarbotAnimations muy buen vídeo ;)

  85. Beqa Tchilashvili
    Beqa Tchilashvili
    9 hónapja

    anduin be like: well well well.. if it ain't the invisible cunts

  86. Vel Tien-Yun Wu
    Vel Tien-Yun Wu
    9 hónapja

    Nobody expects the Manduin Inquisition!

  87. CamTheKitty
    9 hónapja

    SHould have had her somehow reverse the rez

    1. Kly
      9 hónapja

      TP push him into D.va self destruct ^ ^

  88. John Cubillos
    John Cubillos
    9 hónapja


  89. Fernando Perez
    Fernando Perez
    9 hónapja

    Too much shit happening I had to pause the video every 2 seconds lol

  90. Rakshal Neyrak
    Rakshal Neyrak
    9 hónapja

    Can't believe you missed the opportunity for Alarak to just Counter Strike the explosion.

  91. Diego BM
    Diego BM
    9 hónapja

    0:13 totally accurate

  92. animegx45
    9 hónapja

    I was expecting Alarak to derp and pull the nuke towards them.

  93. 邊緣宅
    9 hónapja

    this is best hilling u can do . What does that mean? But I still feel fun with that

  94. Mario Nogueira
    Mario Nogueira
    9 hónapja

    Waiting for the reference guy

  95. Anton D
    Anton D
    9 hónapja

    Leoric vs Alarak insult duel, please

  96. Kargoneth
    9 hónapja

    "I've known much better healers."

  97. Tom Shaked
    Tom Shaked
    9 hónapja

    Comment for algorithm

  98. Макс Логинов
    Макс Логинов
    9 hónapja

    actually auriel can do better. just take another ult and save alarak and 170% sadism

  99. doudouyouli
    9 hónapja

    the best is Anduin :)))))))

  100. Crossover Boy
    Crossover Boy
    9 hónapja

    One of the best HeroStorm episodes ever ^ _ ^