HeroStorm Ep 81 "Backfire"

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  1. Nullsilver
    5 órája

    0:05 Medivh has the ability to transform into a raven replacing the mount skill, allowing him to fly and it grant reduced line of sight but has vision that bypass obstacle and cannot be damaged and targeted in anyway. he is following Valeera who is in stealth unlike in traditional MOBA, stealth works differently than invisibility in which you can see the stealthed unit moving but cannot targeted it, however stealthed unit can be dispelled by taking damage from enemy using AOE/Skill shot skill. 0:07 Annoyed and frustrated by Medivh following her around and informing his teammate of her position by pinging and/or chatting, she scream(Taunting?) at him in which he respond by taunting her by spraying the 'cheese'. 0:13 Cannot attack allied minion but Carbot showcase Deathwing slow but high basic attack damage by showing him chomping on enemy and ally minion in one chomp. 0:18 Genji being Genji. 0:20 Deathwing main weakness is slow movement speed and clear telegraphed wind-up skill in which Genji take advantage of it. 0:32 Attacked by Valeera, Medivh use Force of Will on himself , absorbing damage and protecting him from being damaged then heal him for small percentage of the damage it absorbed. 0:34 Medivh being saved by Genji. 0:40 Decent from the sky after fully healed using his Dragonflight skill which replace the Mount skill. Deathwing tries to kill Genji but as with the weakness stated above, Genji once again takes advantage of it again and annoys him until Deathwing flee from him. 0:55 Deathwing tries to farm enemy minions for EXP by using his Molten Breath skill but Genji saw him and uses his Deflect skill and as the name suggested deflect the damage to the nearest single enemy prioritizing enemy heroes, Deathwing got killed by genji deflect skill due to his Wind-up skill can only be canceled after the Wind-up and Genji Deflect skill deals flat damage and proc on every damage tick (meaning Deflect does damage even if the damage is 1 per 100 times in a second). 1:08 Genji making deflect joke. 1:16 Genji Level 20 talents has a Talent quest called Zashin which the quest goal is to deflect specific amount of damage (damage deflected before the talent is chosen is counted) when complete, it allow him to deflect damage to ALL enemies in the AOE range. 1:18 Combined with Level 16 talent named Reflect that add 33% damage deflected and a lot of enemies attacking him, Genji NUKED the enemies.

  2. Dodo
    19 órája

    not playing DW melee build against Genji, is his own fault. Could win every 1v1 lol

  3. Phil LeBorgne
    Phil LeBorgne
    7 napja

    In reality, when you play Genji, you get one shotted often.

  4. Gustavo Maquera Gallegos
    Gustavo Maquera Gallegos
    11 napja

    tienes toda la barriga señor razon

  5. Axelovskji
    12 napja

    I have a feeling someone had a bad deathwing game lol

  6. SearingSeratil
    12 napja

    This is funny. There are so many wood-tier DW out there.

  7. 山ɅɌ
    14 napja

    This has to be one of the absolute best episodes thus far. Extremely well done.

  8. RagiNg VipeEr
    RagiNg VipeEr
    14 napja

    "Omae wa mou shindeiru"

  9. Raizin
    14 napja

    0:05 - The hero "Medivh" can transform into a flying, invulnerable raven, who still counts as being "in" smoke/bushes when flying over them and thus can see heroes hiding in them. Since vision is shared his team can, too. This is portrayed here by him snitching on Valeera's location. 0:10 - This is, understandably, very frustrating for Valeera, who attempts a spray taunt or maybe she's accusing him of "cheesing"? 0:12 - As Medivh I always wanted to poo on heads of heroes while in raven form. 0:13 - Deathwing is THE aspect of Death, an insurmountably mighty dragon, bearing massive iron armor plates directly bolted onto his skin. He can clear an entire minion wave with ease using his Q ability. 0:14 - Everything I said about him is his lore in Warcraft. In Heroes of the Storm he is a useless, weak, severely bully-able, huge target. 0:19 - Deathwing is a melee hero with no real gap closers, no mobility and nothing to do against ranged heroes. 0:20 - Genju is a ranged hero than can jump over obstacles every few seconds, his entire reason d'etre is to be a pain in the ass, as well. 0:22 - The ONLY real viable spell Deathwing has is "Lava burst". He scratches the ground in front of him and a circular lava pool bursts open where he targeted, dealing damage over time. 0:23 - Genju's defining characteristic is his "Deflect" ability. In Overwatch (his home game) it would, literally, deflect any projectile he intercepts. In Heroes of the Storm it "throws a kunai" towards the nearest enemy hero each time Genju is dealt damage. This just means Genju deals damage to the nearest enemy hero every time damage is dealt to him. Notice it doesn't matter how much damage - it will be entirely prevented and the damage Genju will return will always be of a set value, appropriate to his level. 0:24 - With that in mind, weak, fast damage instances trigger his "Deflect" like crazy, causing a gattling gun slurry of a bombardment to spray from him. And, you guessed it, "Lava burst" deals damage each second. 0:25 - Genju is even more annoying, because of his "Swift Strike" ability, causing him to dash quite a long distance in a line, while also dealing damage as he passes. 0:27 - Deathwing's most potent spell is "Molten Flame", he prepares and unleashes a long, wide incinerating flame that usually deals MASSIVE amounts of damage to anything standing in its path... every 0.125 seconds. So while the "Lava Burst" deflect in reality wouldn't be that bad, letting Genju stand in your "Molten Flame" is a death sentence waiting to happen. 0:29 - Realization. (: 0:31 - #NoIdea 0:34 - THIS is what "Swift Strike" is mostly used for. 0:40 - Deathwing can fly up into the sky and land anywhere on the battlefield he has vision. 0:41 - The reason Deathwing is an oversized target dummy in Heroes of the Storm - ALL of his abilities have an ENORMOUS cast time, are super-predictable where they are going to strike (with the exception of "Lava Burst") and are clearly recognizible when cast. Here it is shown how Genju both dodges them and is a pain in the ass but in reality EVERY hero can dodge them with little to no effort at all. Time your casts to a situation in which the enemy can't pay close attention to you, pleople! 0:45 - Due to Deathwing having no viable gap closers (abilities which would move him quickly in a given direction) ("Onslaught" is so obvious and slow when cast your target would just a) dodge it and b) move further back by the time you can act again after casting it) any ranged hero is one, a real threat, since you cannot deal them any real damage, unless they are braindead and two, always going to be outside melee distance (since in Heroes of the Storm all heroes move with the same speed and only a handful can be momentarily faster) since if you chase them they can just back up. Deathwing learns his lesson and does like a tree. 0:55 - Deathwing tries to melt the flesh off the bones of some minions in peace but GENJU strikes again! And "Molten Flame" (what he is casting) like all his other abilities takes an eternity to cast and the casting CAN'T be interrupted once started. Worse still, the spell is channelled but you can only stop it a minimum of a FULL SECOND after being cast. For those of you keeping score at home - that's 8 damage instances and 8 "kunai" thrown your way (dealing 440 damage ON LEVEL 1) IF you are able to take into account your own reaction time and start pressing the key the very split-second moment it would need to be pressed for the signal to reach the game EXACTLY at the end of that second. Trained people have a reaction time in the ~0.25s range, so if that sounds weird to you, add another 8 damage instances on top of everything. 1:08 - Genju gives you the courtesy of a funny line before... obliterates

    1. Raizin
      14 napja

      1:17 - He obliterates your team. On that map winning the objective grants you a wave of zerg units mowing down one lane. Unlike other non-player controlled units, these will attack heroes and there's quite a lot of them. Combine that with Genju's Level 20 tallent of "Deflect" hitting ALL heroes in range and you got pic related.

  10. Edu SC
    Edu SC
    15 napja

    Wher StarCrafts

  11. Christopher O'Neill
    Christopher O'Neill
    15 napja

    As a Deathwing main, all I can say is this is 100% accurate!

  12. when the slovia is sus!
    when the slovia is sus!
    15 napja

    Cocomelon vs pewdiepie now 🗡️😳🔪

  13. Flynn Curtis
    Flynn Curtis
    16 napja

    I got the notification for this episode 4 days late.

  14. Closii
    16 napja

    1:08 Valeera: D+E+0.5 seconds later -> Genji dieded; D+W also works to a lesser extent; optional b-step and spray afterwards.

  15. Kot Narkot
    Kot Narkot
    16 napja

    i doubt the "best friend" read the fable I.Krylov "The Crow and the Fox", but it looks like a easter egg -0:12

  16. XSquibX
    16 napja

    This is the best one you've had in a very long while! :) Good job!

  17. peter siri
    peter siri
    16 napja

    Genji main are so annoying even when change the game.

  18. Rosalina Tatlyan
    Rosalina Tatlyan
    16 napja


  19. NightwishTarja
    16 napja

    MAN, i was from internet for 17 days, and Carbot is not longer being repressed< WUUUTTT

  20. Connor Cheung
    Connor Cheung
    17 napja

    This is my favorite episode! I love genji so much hahahahaha

  21. ivyscyther
    17 napja

    And val dose not know you can cc genji while he deflects

  22. Михаил Новицкий
    Михаил Новицкий
    17 napja

    Poor dw

  23. schonnj
    18 napja

    I realize the main focus of the episode is Genji's ridiculously overpowered deflect, but the bit a 0:33 where Valeera started to trash the actual health bar I found unusually funny.

  24. Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones
    18 napja

    As a genji main, i love this

  25. John Crocker
    John Crocker
    18 napja

    Can we get a Deathwing plushie?

  26. Steven Wolfert
    Steven Wolfert
    18 napja

    Thank you that was amazing

  27. Space Beast
    Space Beast
    19 napja

    Overwatch Genji: Is weak of beam attacks Heroes Of The Storm Genji:

  28. MizukiStone44
    19 napja

    A video where Genji dosn't suck? What madness is this!?

  29. Brian Ebisuzaki
    Brian Ebisuzaki
    19 napja

    YES I love HeroStorm, thank you for keeping it alive Carbot! This was fantastic!

  30. Interceptorex
    19 napja

    Valeera grabbing life bars again😁

  31. The Main Man
    The Main Man
    19 napja

    Im not an expert about this game, but something tells me is totally broken.

  32. Rodrigo Zabattaro
    Rodrigo Zabattaro
    19 napja

    is that quote real? it´s too cool for genji to have it

  33. jelez
    19 napja


  34. Sean isbehindyou
    Sean isbehindyou
    19 napja

    He can wreck the boss on that map as well can't he?

  35. 민꼬북이
    19 napja


  36. Final Frase
    Final Frase
    19 napja

    Finally some Genji love.

  37. Darkness Queen
    Darkness Queen
    19 napja

    Blizzard killed this lovely game... sad

  38. Mediados
    19 napja

    I forgot how fucking annoying Genjis Voice Lines can be

  39. Scream
    19 napja

    I want starcraft back :(

  40. Stergios Mavrofridis
    Stergios Mavrofridis
    19 napja

    the teespring link doesn't exist...

  41. Дмитрий Левин
    Дмитрий Левин
    19 napja

    Best of the best!

  42. Ben McCarthy
    Ben McCarthy
    20 napja

    Deathwing feels more like a raidboss than a regular hero.

  43. Malacite
    20 napja

    OMG that ending XD I love Genji so much

  44. Marcus-Sebastian Osvath
    Marcus-Sebastian Osvath
    20 napja

    i'm amazed how all of your videos manage to put a smile, and very often a laugh, on my face :)

  45. Vladimir
    20 napja

    Best part ! :D

  46. Valcien
    20 napja

    Visiting Wisconsin right now. Cheese curds are pretty dang good!

  47. Trey Atkins
    Trey Atkins
    20 napja

    At least SOMEONE is making new HotS content.

    1. Justin Lacombe
      Justin Lacombe
      8 napja

      Meanwhile in HotS, still Christmas.

  48. Centurion_MK
    20 napja

    I laugh so hard i spilled my coffee :D :D :D ♥♥♥

  49. pianistq8
    20 napja

    LoooooooL XD

  50. greatfrito
    20 napja

    Can they just give HotS to Carbot? I feel like he's the only one that still loves us.

  51. Ivan Chavez
    Ivan Chavez
    20 napja

    Wow, You are still doing the hots animations, thanks for doing more than blizzard did on his own game

    1. John Canary
      John Canary
      10 napja

      Blizzard is more than one person. It’s a company.

  52. ZenoDovahkiin
    20 napja

    At this point, Khaldor and Carbot are the ones supporting this game, Blizzard just owns the rights.

  53. Tristi
    20 napja


  54. Александра Волкова
    Александра Волкова
    20 napja

    Ahahaaa I am crying. :D

  55. nuubi08
    20 napja

    anyone else would like to see HOTS in carbot skin ? :D

  56. 王大锤
    20 napja


  57. Master Vex
    Master Vex
    20 napja

    Remaining community: "There is nothing wrong with the game, it just needs far more cosmetics and stuff for me to buy" "i don't UNDERASTAND why people don't like it" Everyone else (95%): Ya.....

  58. Saarz Mor-Thin
    Saarz Mor-Thin
    20 napja

    remembering me Soviet cartoon 1988 year. these scene: hufrom.info/number/vide/q31ml33IaZ7Xipc (that cartoon based on "Treasure Island" by R.L.Stevenson)

  59. Gellért Luka
    Gellért Luka
    20 napja

    this is quite accurate

  60. Oscar Liljeby
    Oscar Liljeby
    20 napja

    I see they keept Gengu just as he is in OW. :P

  61. QueenForever
    20 napja

    Finally, Genji works.

  62. 01010000011000010110110001100001
    20 napja

    ok, question bicause i don't play HotS, how you counter a hero that you cant attack?

  63. Semmelein
    20 napja

    Love it! ❤️

  64. obese_gazelle
    20 napja

    I don't have even a single clue what's going on in any of these as I've never played the game, but I love them because I know they're extremely accurate to the source.

  65. Event
    20 napja

    Lol genji actions reminded me of the stick figure fights cartoons from long ago

  66. Dr. Spoon
    Dr. Spoon
    20 napja

    I'm glad you're not being repressed any longer!

  67. Patrick Kelly
    Patrick Kelly
    20 napja

    Ahh, I haven't played HoTS in a few years now but as an old Tracer one trick I remember having to instantly reload the second a Genji was on screen so I wouldn't die instantly to my own attacks :)

  68. TbZ WTF
    TbZ WTF
    20 napja


  69. Ariacilon
    20 napja

    When Carbot still puts more effort in developing content for the game than Blizzard does. :(

  70. Agust
    20 napja

    As a Genji main, I can confirm that this is how 80% of ingame sounds are, 20% is just getting cc chained :l

  71. 이한희
    20 napja

    데스윙 커엽

  72. Md Awni
    Md Awni
    20 napja

    Ah, when HotS made it's worst mistake adding that cancer

  73. Dan Carter
    Dan Carter
    20 napja

    。。。Not D2

  74. zhubaohi
    20 napja

    I feel like the inspiration come from carbot playing dw against genji lol.

  75. Ferenc Dojcsák
    Ferenc Dojcsák
    20 napja

    As someone who experienced what's like to fight Deathwing as Yrel, I took a sinister joy in watching the payback. :))

  76. HahnBB
    21 napja

    Its sad that the only new content for HotS comes from an animator outside of Blizzard.

  77. Erd Nuzz
    Erd Nuzz
    21 napja

    As Anduin, you don't know how often I have to grab Gengus out of enemy bases, because the greed to deflect is.. Oh boy

  78. Mike Chase
    Mike Chase
    21 napja

    Ok I think that was your best HeroStorm yet. It was hilarious and adorable, love it!

  79. Cory and Kaso
    Cory and Kaso
    21 napja

    Who would win? *The ancient dragon of earth that made a pact with the old gods, who tricked his Breatherin into giving their power to him only to be sealed and later unleased onto the world forever changing aseroth.* _A teenage Cyborg Ninja Criminal_

  80. jonathan orillo
    jonathan orillo
    21 napja

    Hilarious last scene 😂

  81. José Gallardo
    José Gallardo
    21 napja

    I’m glad there is still love for this game

  82. Legoman
    21 napja

    Our poor beloved Doggo Deathwing!

  83. Jerry Lin
    Jerry Lin
    21 napja

    @1:20 I was waiting genji get silent by valeer and instantly died. It just happen way too much to my team genji :p

  84. Trilaina Bloodwind
    Trilaina Bloodwind
    21 napja

    1:08 = the joke had me straight up DEAD. And I love how Deathwing is the one who is most terrified of the 3 heroes there xD

  85. Rheo
    21 napja

    Oh My God !!! this genji is a true nightmare. XD

  86. Sandamon
    21 napja

    Try to do longer episodies and less speaking, ty

  87. Em D.
    Em D.
    21 napja

    I love the depiction of Deathwing as some frustrated/confused puppy dog :P

  88. Scarlet Cat
    Scarlet Cat
    21 napja

    Ban Genji PLS

  89. guild1000
    21 napja

    gold as always

  90. [치천후]노래하는그림쟁이
    21 napja

    점점 퀄리티가 떨어지는구나

  91. David Rowan
    David Rowan
    21 napja

    I'm surprised Medivh didn't Poly Genji

  92. black jack
    black jack
    21 napja

    Where is the 80th part?

  93. Shawn Christensen
    Shawn Christensen
    21 napja

    The wait for this was fucking worth it.

  94. andrekun1
    21 napja

    For those asking for a parrying varian, deflecting genji and evading illidan, go for epi.28 (horsing around) of the series

  95. Lucian Andries
    Lucian Andries
    21 napja


  96. Sebastian Soroczyński
    Sebastian Soroczyński
    21 napja

    Epic video as always :D

  97. Laylla's Locker
    Laylla's Locker
    21 napja

    Hahahahah. Poor DW XD

  98. tarrker
    21 napja

    Oh dear god. Total legitimacy, as usual. Whenever I run as tank I shudder whenever I see Genji on the enemy team. Unless I'm playing Varian. Then I know that Genji's the only one I won't be getting kills from this match. :P

  99. ZakuNick
    21 napja

    This one had me laughing pretty hard!

  100. C
    21 napja

    That last part was taken right out of a play in HotS WTF Moment. You are hilarious as you are accurate as always, Carbot.