My Top 6 Changes for Diablo 2 [idBeCoolif]

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  1. Tony Truong
    Tony Truong
    10 órája

    The underused and other skills being utilized change is actually a real thing atm. It's in a mod called Path of Diablo where they've taken the original D2 game and made some of the changes you've made in this video.

  2. Gerard785
    16 órája

    damn I love your channel

  3. ilillillliiilillili
    16 órája

    1) Stash. More tabs, trade tabs with offline trading. 2) Boost unused runewords, uniques, skills, mercs 3) Crafting. Not gambling, crafting.

  4. Ennas78
    19 órája

    The pvp betting is like NFS: Most Wanted (I think) - where you'd put up the pink slip for your car and race other people :D

  5. Cyril
    20 órája

    I love his accent, so cuuuuute :D

  6. Einar

    cross character Rune and Gem dedicated stash tab which stacks them into dedicated slots (similar to currency tab in PoE). It would be the perfect workaround to the problem of having to make mules for runes and throwing away gems.

  7. Peter Denison
    Peter Denison
    2 napja

    I know I'm late and most of this video is fine but DO NOT ADD BETTING FOR DUELS Runescape has it and it became a ring of money laundering, scams and gambling addictions DO NOT ADD IT

  8. lucgas fle
    lucgas fle
    3 napja

    totally agreed with you carbot, betting items was the best by far

  9. Dest Droid
    Dest Droid
    3 napja

    I'm sure they'll fuck it up.

  10. ZerglilngVet
    4 napja

    i agree!!!

  11. Nalim Bukerabo
    Nalim Bukerabo
    4 napja

    nice ideas but i would add "remove immune monster buff" so it will be possible to focus on a build we like instead of on a build that work

  12. Tobias Pause
    Tobias Pause
    4 napja

    No.7 Skills should actually work as their description says. With the corret Numbers. If My 4000HP Bloodgolem gets intantkilled by an Melee attack, and I use iron Maiden which reflects that dmg three Times, i expect an visible Movements at my enemies Lifebar. But against the 3 Barbarians for example i filled the entire Ground with Bloodgolem corpses. Same with Holybolt, which should Heal 400 HP, but i need 10 to Heal my naked Mercenary which has 200HP. Thats VERY odd. The spelly can work as they did before, but their Description should stop lying. And dont even start the Armor Argument. The Dammage from Ironmaiden even with Difficulty adjustment should still be way higher than my 50 dmg Weapon attack (which i assume should be affected by armor too). And Healspells loosing 95% because of Armor is riddiculous.

  13. Gungnir Productions
    Gungnir Productions
    4 napja

    And then they hack the server. lol

  14. Dawid Todorczuk
    Dawid Todorczuk
    5 napja

    what if, to make things easier for the devs, the missing 3 quests to be something along the lines, slay 1000 venom lords to piss of diablo before he spawns, 1 quest as additional requirement to each of the quests. For Izual, Forge and Diablo. OR these would fit with the idea for Runeword/recipies, find a scroll and return to Deckard Cain :) Each part is in the region of the original 3 quests and will not be obligatory, to not disrupt Speedrunners etc. Would not need voice actors as well.

  15. Simon Tremblay
    Simon Tremblay
    5 napja

    The only thing i really want is for them to finish act 4 at some point, that would be sweet, the rest ... Meh.

  16. DaemosDaen
    5 napja

    Carbot: "do you like the ideas?" Me: "It's more thought out than WC3 remaster" *thumbs up*

  17. Necrotic
    5 napja

    Nr:7 Larger Storage Space.

  18. brofenix
    5 napja

    Great ideas!

  19. Dr Shockter
    Dr Shockter
    6 napja

    I really don't think they should buff underused skills... Part of the fun is trying to make the skills that you like useful

  20. Bubo
    6 napja

    I'm a huge fan of the diablol series and I love that you posted this. Ya'll should take your clout and cube it with w/e other d2 clout that's on the same page and contact blizz. Imo clan/pvp support and integrated depth of knowledge/trading would send this game past whatever orbit it's going to reach

  21. Lexi Delphi
    Lexi Delphi
    6 napja

    The one thing I want to stay is for a Frenzy Barbarian to *gain* mana by using a skill. Just keep leveling the skill until the required mana goes below 0

  22. Myrkee
    6 napja

    Ohh my god! Loved this video, laughed so hard! Deffo showing this to my viewers on stream. They will love it! Ty Carbot

  23. Xan Torres
    Xan Torres
    6 napja

    Give this guy a job at Blizzard plz. ASAP

  24. ChuckCanada
    6 napja

    Guys this needs more views! Seriously #Blizzard @blizzard this shit on twitter n stuff. C'mon guys share this shit. ... #Diablo2Resurrected #D2R #Diablo2 #Diabloii #PathOfDiablo #ProjectDiablo #ArnoldSchwarzenegger #JoeRogan #KunFuPanda ''but not Kung Fu Panda 2 or 3''

  25. WillowProductions
    6 napja

    Pls no pvp betting it destroyed Runescape

  26. Das Beetle Master
    Das Beetle Master
    6 napja

    Why are you still doing stuff with D3, its pretty much a dead game. Only thing left if to shut the servers off and release a new one

  27. Artur
    7 napja


  28. Death beam
    Death beam
    7 napja

    The one feature that would determine if i play the game. rune/gem stacking. if that stuff dont stack so help me...

  29. Dimitri
    7 napja

    main thing i want is an actual endgame that isnt just baal runs, cow level and ubers. need way more to do

  30. eyeofthasky
    7 napja

    Well the 3 missing Act IV quests aren't that obscure (if normal people years ago could find stuff in the code, and put it on TheCuttingRoomFloor, then blizz should be able to get something from their archives too) ..... and if not, the easy alternatives which do not change much: *First* quest = you spawn amidst the planes of hell and _have to find the fortress_ (it was always senseless Diablo would walk by Halbu, Jamella & Tyrael). *Second* = split activating the 5 seals in his sanctum, and killing him into two quests (similar to the summoner vs the arcane sanctuary). *Third* = smash Diablos soulstone on the hellforge like u did with mephisto's.

  31. Peter Gan
    Peter Gan
    7 napja

    Shared storage between characters like PoE would be great

  32. Frilleon
    7 napja

    Good changes. Also I wish they stayed faithful to the way characters wore armor before. It helped differentiate the characters

  33. Vlady Veselinov
    Vlady Veselinov
    7 napja

    Carbot, these people have to release the game, you realise these things you asked for could easily take years to make 😭 Maybe the D4 devs can take inspiration.

  34. NavidErde
    7 napja

    Idea 2-5 have nothing to do with Diablo 2. These are ideas for Diablo 4. Idea 1 (ingame Runeword Dictionary) is a good idea and I remember they talked about this in interviews before. Idea 5 (skill buffing) they talked about this and are open for it, but also proclaimed that it will only happen when the sells are high enough. Either way, it will change the meta a lot and could easily break it. So why should they try? Idea 6 (complete the A4) is to much of an content change. Maybe when the sellings are pretty high (>10 Millions in the first month) but this won't be happen. So if you're looking for more content wait for D4.

  35. KEK W
    KEK W
    7 napja

    Keep dreaming .

  36. Omega Gamer
    Omega Gamer
    7 napja

    I used to play this game on my old Pentium 2 pc back in the day

  37. george mcdaniel
    george mcdaniel
    7 napja

    Good luck its EA yeaht do you think there going to do besides make people spend more money in there digtil store. For more worthless good. With no value. But if that's your thing go right ahead.

  38. Larn
    7 napja

    7. bigger inventory or an extra charmslots only inventar :)

  39. Fuzz Puppet
    Fuzz Puppet
    7 napja

    Its a rerelease so nothing should be changed

  40. Hobo Man
    Hobo Man
    7 napja

    Microphone support in game would be awesome as well. Discord is cool but not having to go out of game to talk to folks would be cool me thinks.

  41. Joshua Woodring
    Joshua Woodring
    7 napja

    i also would love to have like a holy grail tome on a pedestal or something where you commit items to it and tracks your grail with stats at the beginning and look all nice and such

  42. Patryk Pan
    Patryk Pan
    7 napja

    I'd love all 6. I am glad they are keeping true to the original, but they can make the game so much better. At the end of the day, so much has changed since the release, while a lot of it does hold up. Blizzard has a chance here to get new players on board. These changes would not be of annoyance to the old players (at least I dont think) and it would be beneficial on all fronts. I do hope they do go ahead and make more changes, continue to listen to feedback and also have another expansion after its released. Yes we all want Diablo 4, but let us have an amazing Diablo experience before we do move on to the future titles.

    1. János Kaszás
      János Kaszás
      7 napja

      @Patryk Pan Expansion for changes? Next level loot boxes. And if they make seperate expansion that means they need other servers to pay also. Do you think Blizz going to pay more servers for players who are leaving anyway once d4 is out. Sure. Im pretty sure blizz likes the idea to pay for ghosttown servers only to please some noob playersbase who are leaving once d4 is out. Anyway all this change this or that is like when a Fortnite player crys on Counter Strike forum that cs need changes. Personal loot, flying mounts, paragon levels, stacking runes and gems, removing immunities etc etc. Just to mention some brilliant but clearly wow and d3 haedrig's gift grown up amateurs whislist to change d2r what is clearly not d2r. D2r is d2 remastered with minor qol like shared stash and auto gold. If you would known the game you would already know the auto gold is already a big change cus now players just going to get more gold on this way and this is already an indirect nerf to gold find barb build. So yeah leave the game alone and wait for d4. Again its a remaster not remake.

    2. Patryk Pan
      Patryk Pan
      7 napja

      @János Kaszás I mean that is why expansion would be a perfect solution, not a must buy. For the OG's they can enjoy the current experience, for new players they can get the things they are used to in current games. The reason people keep coming back to D2 is because there aren't "other games". But you're right. After the remaster freshness wears off, most will move on.

    3. János Kaszás
      János Kaszás
      7 napja

      Exactly. Somebody is at least honest. F*ck up the original plan of a remaster but after d4 is out leave the game and the true d2 playerbase who are asked for this remaster should play with the changes what they never asked for. Well thank god devs already said if you want changes there are other games to play with.

  43. Michael Tihon
    Michael Tihon
    7 napja

    Separate charm stashhhhhh pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🥲🥲🥲

  44. Yusuf Iğnak
    Yusuf Iğnak
    7 napja

    1:23 why are you describing Zoltun Kulle?

  45. Santtu Kähkönen
    Santtu Kähkönen
    7 napja

    These are pretty reasonable ones I wouldn’t mind seeing in the game. Particularly that rune learning one

  46. MindControl
    7 napja

    “Do you like the ideas?” “No” “Ok well idk :(“ Lmao

  47. milk8888
    7 napja

    1, 2 and 5 are fine.

  48. goswami
    7 napja

    1) Hell yes! 2) Hell yes to Clan hub but hell no to clan stash. 3) Hell yes! 4) Hell no! This just breeds 3rd party item sellers/botters. Same as runescapes arena. 5) Maybe, I do like playing using weaker skills, just for a challenge. Less strong skills don't mean they're bad. 6) Hell yes!

  49. Starsk7
    7 napja

    Instanced loot!

    1. János Kaszás
      János Kaszás
      7 napja

      D3 and haedrig's gift is already waiting for you noob.

  50. HahnBB
    7 napja

    They should can this trash censored kids version of Diablo 2. Disgusting. Not buying this garbage.

  51. Frolkinator
    7 napja

    Does clan come with a hood clothing?

  52. The future is Unity
    The future is Unity
    7 napja

    1. In game recipe - Yes we need that. And they also need to update the rune word requirements to make it more accurate so people don't lose their valuable runes because of misinformation. 2. Clans - Yes but the social element isn't that important to me. I would love the clan/guild to be a thing if we can do clan/guild pvp. 3. PvP arena - Yes, also make different options, like FFA, teams, clan/guilds etc. Also need different kind of maps so certain class, skills or playstyle have advantage or disadvantage for diversity. Also, the commitment thing is very important, so people can't just gear swap to hard counter certain builds. 4. PvP betting - Its not important, like who will even want to bet anything valuable just for a pvp round. If people really want the item the opponent has, they'd just trade. I think the motivation is not items, but perhaps ranking. Just make a PvP ladder or ranking will do. 5. Buff skills - Yes definitely! About time Blizzard balance the game after 20 years, I mean keeping the originality is nice, but most people are back for nostalgia, if they didn't stayed for the whole of 20 years, they likely aren't going to stay just for the new graphics which will get old after one or two play throughs. Balancing the skills will revitalize the game where there will be new meta builds and contents, it will also be needed for a healthy PvP game. They should also buff underused rune words, unique and set items. They are all just numbers tweaking, not much new assets or production needed. 6. A4 quest - Well, nice to have but we all know that's not going to happen. But if it does it'd be awesome, one can only hope. Other things i'd like to see happen 1. Trading market - I think we can all agree that spamming "WTB" & "WTS" messages in the chat and creating a room just to trade is stupid as hell. Not to mention going on to forums to make post and waiting for replay is also frustrating. A dedicated in game trading system that anyone can put an item up for sale and others can search and filter to quickly buy would give so much quality of life change. It will prevent people trying to scam or create multiple rooms that lag the server. They could also add like a gold fee for putting up an item for sale as a currency sink mechanic. But make sure its NOT bidding or real money auction like D3, that would be disastrous. 2. Shared currency tab in the stash. This would be a big quality of life change, where players can stack and store their "currency" items in a single tab shared among all characters. I mean we are going to have multiple tabs right? So it makes sense for certain items to be stackable, if not what are we expecting? Tabs full of p.gems or runes? And when we run out of tabs we create mule characters again? I think currency tab that is stackable is for the best, so long the currency items is ONLY stackable in the tabs not inventory. So players managing inventory space is still part of the game play. This also incentivize players to pick up low level gems and runes as they are needed for certain recipes.

  53. Krzysztof Roskowski
    Krzysztof Roskowski
    8 napja


  54. Ryan Jay
    Ryan Jay
    8 napja

    Clans was a feature in d2

  55. NotMyDay
    8 napja

    Deckard Cain actually tells you recipes, after finding the cube. It's the easy, useless ones like arrow + arrow = bolt and back. And also Sword + 6 gems = Socketed Sword. So why not let him explain more?

  56. Aspyde
    8 napja

    your animations sucks

  57. Robert Gallardo
    Robert Gallardo
    8 napja

    I would love to be able to change skills

  58. Hajdics Tibor
    Hajdics Tibor
    8 napja

    Hey, love all the changes, i mean lets be honest, most of us played this game so much, it needs theese stuff!

  59. Kim Bertilsson
    Kim Bertilsson
    8 napja

    bigger chest and inventory

  60. Donovan X
    Donovan X
    8 napja

    6 for 6 good ideas

  61. skunker bogus
    skunker bogus
    8 napja

    First 5 days: legit pvp betting After that: everyone using it as the new duping method. Reality: it will take them an hour to figure it out and destroy the economy on release lol. Same thing would happen with the clan stash and area... let's be real here, anything they add amounts to another duping method.

  62. Satan
    8 napja

    "I wIlL lEaVe It Up To YoU tO dIsCoVeR oThEr FoRmUlAe" - Deckard Cain

  63. Karibdus
    8 napja

    If they would do that.... damn I will play this game for infinite time xD

  64. Frank Lucra
    Frank Lucra
    8 napja

    literally if this was all in the game it would only make d2re better

  65. Artex Grey
    Artex Grey
    9 napja

    I've heard more 'clan' in this video, than in KKK meeting)

  66. GetGood
    9 napja

    Great ideas

  67. WNxNokturnal
    9 napja

    I legit like all these ideas. Make it happen!

  68. Tiananmen Square 1989 execution never forget
    Tiananmen Square 1989 execution never forget
    9 napja

    I think game needs remake for all the changes we want, including new expansion, etc. but probably never gonna happen. We want so much.. i don't know... if game engine supports all we want. They might need to hire some old school dudes to do all we want that we want we want.

  69. Max Draken
    Max Draken
    9 napja

    Every thing sounds great, the problem its blizzard never hears seriuosly what players want and blizzard is going in a spiral of mistakes and fails, 5 years is mostly the remaining life time, its a shame.

  70. Dragons_in_Space
    9 napja

    Permanent secret cow level. It's kind of dumb that killing the cow king will lock you out of accessing by yourself forever.

  71. Peter Lee
    Peter Lee
    9 napja

    clickbait garbage

  72. Malice Lonewolf
    Malice Lonewolf
    9 napja

    How about personal loot for drops so team work is encouraged?

    1. János Kaszás
      János Kaszás
      7 napja

      You mean where you can follow somebody without doing anything and still getting loot? Good idea to make leechers paradise.

  73. Ryoland
    9 napja

    Item betting is a terrible idea... Take a look at runescapes duel arena...

  74. Sudhanshu Mishra
    Sudhanshu Mishra
    9 napja

    Nice wise set of expected changes for sure

  75. Guilherme Oliveira Lima Carvalho
    Guilherme Oliveira Lima Carvalho
    9 napja

    Dude you need work in blizzard!

  76. Vassild
    9 napja

    hopefully they have free respecs for skill tree

  77. Nexaes
    9 napja

    Evacuate Diablo 3, engage all defenses..... And give this man an executive position in Diablo 2 Resurrected...

  78. YourPalAL
    9 napja

    I just hope they add loot boxes....NOT!

  79. joelp4
    9 napja

    Making Defence usable. Fixing AR so melee doesn't suck. :T

  80. John Nemeth
    John Nemeth
    9 napja

    The only other thing I would add: either remove basic monster immunities in Hell, or add more magic immunes (to attempt to balance Hammerdin). Also Enigma is busted and should not exist.

    9 napja

    I got u 100% bro

  82. Erik Chendo Tegon
    Erik Chendo Tegon
    9 napja

    carbot :"What do you think? Do you like it do you like the ideas?" subscriber: "No"

  83. Hato
    9 napja

    2 - quite impossible due to p2p connections, hubs like that must be hosted on servers,

  84. Sparkbomber
    9 napja

    I just hope it won't be a Warcraft III ReFunded shitshow. Do wholly agree on the no nerfs but expand the use of lesser skills. What would be great though... Hell diff doable on single player. Stone of föcking Jordan can take a hike. And a DiabLOL graphics mode, we need that. Also... More quests is good. But actually good ones. No fetchquest or ye olde kill x and huzzah slogs. Finally... more reworks of monsters rather than just ye olde palette swaps.

  85. Andrew Norris
    Andrew Norris
    9 napja

    Bold of you to assume you'd only have 2 people listening to your desires, Carbot.

  86. Elick Ashcroft
    Elick Ashcroft
    9 napja

    Yeah, just put the cut content back in, and Honestly getting that planned out second expansion finished with the Cleric Class would be lit as well. Just a new end game, and an Act 6 would be nice.

  87. dalen p
    dalen p
    9 napja

    no, no, no, no, no, and no. None of your changes should happen in d2r. It is a remaster not a reforge.

  88. LordOchiru
    9 napja

    I really wish they would buff the underused skills for sure.

  89. młoda wiśnia
    młoda wiśnia
    9 napja

    very nice ideas I hope d2r is gonna be the shit we all were waiting for but didnt know

  90. Zoran Vucenovic
    Zoran Vucenovic
    9 napja

    All like all except 4. The 4th is kinda too close to gambling that may be a problem to pass. Don't get me wrong, it does sound like fun, but the hurdle may be too high to allow it.

  91. Zoran Vucenovic
    Zoran Vucenovic
    9 napja

    Are you related to Norm?

  92. MrNop ThePandaMachine
    MrNop ThePandaMachine
    9 napja

    yea I really hope atleast some of this happens, but most of all i just hope that don't fuck with the core mechanics and feel of the game

  93. Kuptsov Danil
    Kuptsov Danil
    9 napja

    Winning item in pvp! Brilliant idea man!

  94. ODiN [s]
    ODiN [s]
    9 napja

    Sometimes i dnt understand ur comments about pornounciation speaking: 0:05 - 0:11 Some fast comment etc :( Want to play the game as you, and waiting till November or December of this year to be released, hope so.

  95. J. Šich
    J. Šich
    9 napja

    I am still kind of puzzled about the fact, that in the remaster they let you play grandmother amazon...

  96. Mattias
    9 napja

    I think it's very important to NOT make the game easier. Any new buffs should be done very carefully. Some runewords should even be nerfed, like grief.

  97. Stanislav Bryzhyk
    Stanislav Bryzhyk
    9 napja

    The ideas in the video are great and all that, but don't you guys forget we're talking about bli$$ard here. Nobody will care enough to implement these into remastered, because "its remastered, not remake". Also, can't be allowed to waste mr.Kotick's yacht moneys on game development :(

  98. David WENG
    David WENG
    9 napja

    if they change many things the price would also be much higher, I don't think players want to pay 60$ for a remaster old game.

  99. Aura Wolf
    Aura Wolf
    9 napja

    Cool video but unfortunately Blizzard doesn't care about any of this shit unless it's low effort and monetizable.

  100. Goh Wei Xuan
    Goh Wei Xuan
    9 napja

    if there was such a character, I would...stay a while and listen to said recipes. Just a while.