WowCraft Ep 52 "EXPAC-tations"

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  1. Cijun94
    8 napja

    I watched it again and it got laughin all over again 😂

  2. PinbalWizzard
    13 napja

    This is 10000% bout bfa XD

  3. Drayce Phantom
    Drayce Phantom
    15 napja

    Had the game really gone softer after all this time? Lol

  4. Bill Triantafillou
    Bill Triantafillou
    29 napja

    Now I want this as an ingame pet!

  5. roboute guilliman
    roboute guilliman


  6. roboute guilliman
    roboute guilliman


  7. crazybiscuithead

    Out of all these videos not a single one of them has an animated wargen. I wonder why lol

  8. Kaliah83

    0:12 You scared the hell out of me!

  9. TheHatGhost

    Who voiced this, Strong Bad?

  10. Blue Lick
    Blue Lick
    2 hónapja

    Seems about right

  11. El Rocky Raccoon
    El Rocky Raccoon
    2 hónapja

    That's why I never really liked the idea of your character becoming some sort of "Chosen One" in later expansions. You being just a regular Joe fighting alongside other regular Joes always felt more appealing to me.

  12. Muddy Boots
    Muddy Boots
    2 hónapja

    This is the best one so far. Never laughed so hard in under 1 minute

  13. Tánczos Norbert
    Tánczos Norbert
    2 hónapja

    Then you solo walk into the maw and it turns into dark souls with eyes of the jailer 5, while you are still stuck with a crayon.

  14. GreatSageCorban
    2 hónapja

    Outside of the hand holding, it also seems to be commentary on the relative difficulty of the general wow experience.

  15. stuntmonkey00
    2 hónapja

    If Hots ever gets Carbot Skins, I really really really really want Chromie with this voice.

  16. zzz zzz
    zzz zzz
    2 hónapja

    АХАХАААХАХ ЭТО ТОП!!!! Я так-же зашел спустя 10 лет в WarCraft и просто ахренивал от всего ахахахаха! 10\10 *

  17. Rob
    2 hónapja

    Yea pretty much wow for the last 3 expansions epic single player story experience talking the player up to be the most unique and important person in the world........ then you see millions of people with the same items who are also the most important...... reminds me of those mac ads... "think different, just like EVERYBODY else"

  18. Maggie Simpson
    Maggie Simpson
    2 hónapja

  19. North Strider
    North Strider
    2 hónapja

    Amazing how the sparring is being portrayed here via pillow battles lol

  20. Jawllypop
    2 hónapja

    Why didnt they provide the glitter glue?! All is lost!!!!!

  21. Dagoberto Gonzalez
    Dagoberto Gonzalez
    2 hónapja

    Cromi is so funny, but what is saying I only understand, "to battle" and "give me that crap" 😅

  22. Javi Martínez
    Javi Martínez
    2 hónapja

    this has to be one of the funniest ones you've made

  23. MiguelCrafter23
    2 hónapja


  24. Oldschool DOSfan
    Oldschool DOSfan
    2 hónapja

    Okay but why is Super Saiyan Gohan playing WoW (and can I roll as him)...I kid, fantastic animation as always. But he is a dead ringer for Gohan

  25. CedricDur
    2 hónapja

    The mobs hitting themselves with pillows was brilliant :D

  26. cryptoBall
    2 hónapja

    more sc2 merch plz

  27. Gerardo Gamarra
    Gerardo Gamarra
    2 hónapja

    En algun momento subian en este canal Starcraft 2 . F

  28. Wise Guy
    Wise Guy
    2 hónapja

    So we 'quited ;)

  29. H5Jev Standard
    H5Jev Standard
    2 hónapja

    Oh god, I wish this would be like 6 hours long.

  30. Berkay
    2 hónapja

    I started to hate the word champion

  31. PhotriusPyrelus
    2 hónapja

    Carbot voice acting best voice-acting.

  32. Djeneba
    2 hónapja

    i love how accurate this is.

  33. Antonia
    2 hónapja

    hahahha the perfect representation!!!

  34. FractalPrism
    2 hónapja

    this animation was banned by blizzard for being too real.

  35. Digicim
    2 hónapja

    The hand holding, pillow fights, paper crafts. Carbot, your take on wow is outstanding.

  36. adam lane
    adam lane
    2 hónapja

    I was in a classic guild that most of them had not played since tbc or wrath and a couple since cata.We convinced them to come back and play retail and they are hooked.Shadowlands is a blast so far.THey were a bit overwhelmed at first but of all the people that have come over to play only one didn't like it.He said he prefers his classic warrior with 2 button rotation lol

  37. Fede Arana
    Fede Arana
    2 hónapja

    One of the best of all! 👏 😂 👏 😂 👏 😂

  38. MakingTechSense
    2 hónapja

    A streamer that I watch, for a different game, decided to pick up WoW for the first time with this expansion. The dude was so lost. I felt bad for him. I played WoW for a decade (but haven't for years) and was blown away by the stupidity of this expansion.

  39. ѺҙϮ Ӈԃξξεɤ Ʌʘʉ ƩɰΘћҘε
    ѺҙϮ Ӈԃξξεɤ Ʌʘʉ ƩɰΘћҘε
    2 hónapja

    1 to 1 how i felt when i gave that game a little try after some years and choose that new starting zone... The only thinking that was missing with all this handholding-and-guiding to stuff was like "Don`t forget to blink or your eyes get dry"... Wtf blizzard. But that ariel the mermaid easter egg was kind dark humored funny :)

  40. BALU
    2 hónapja

    чо бл9???

  41. Kouga
    2 hónapja

    This is the most accurate video ever and there will never be a more accurate video in all time.

  42. Edwin Merrick
    Edwin Merrick
    2 hónapja

    Chromie is life.

  43. Gregory Vasilyev
    Gregory Vasilyev
    2 hónapja

    Wow, YT speech recognition must be really good, i didn't get a single word from this mumbling

  44. Batman Batman
    Batman Batman
    2 hónapja

    This is exactly what WoW is these days. Some fucking support character telling you how amazing you are, and stringing you along on a rollercoaster of nothingness. I love how Carbot put Cloud in there, as a stab to Blizzard that FFxiv is the better mmo in this regard.

  45. Fish out of Fire
    Fish out of Fire
    2 hónapja

    I like how the game literally holds your hand.

  46. Sion Wetan
    Sion Wetan
    2 hónapja


  47. Santiago Rodriguez Guillen
    Santiago Rodriguez Guillen
    2 hónapja

    Confusing for the first time but I guess this is as good as the is sad

  48. Orange Parsley
    Orange Parsley
    2 hónapja

    Asmongolds brain on wow

  49. TJ Adams
    TJ Adams
    2 hónapja

    This has some elementary school vibes. Very funny when in this context!

  50. Nimbull
    2 hónapja

    I laughed... and then I cried at what WoW had become.

  51. Bryton Arnold
    Bryton Arnold
    2 hónapja


  52. gekkokkid
    2 hónapja

    "Give me that CRAP!, here take one of this they are way better-just ONE your not special!" lol

  53. TheDarknessIsWaiting
    2 hónapja

    "Gimmy that crap, Here take one of these they are much better" OH MY GOD THAT IS SUCH A FUNNY FRACKING THING!!!! LAUGHING ON THE FLOOR IN SOBER BELIEF THAT SOMEONE FINALLY DID IT JUSTICE!!! 😮😳🤪😃😄😅😆🤣😂🤣😅🤣😂😁😂🤣😅😛😎 I Have to buy some stuff after this... Hey Carbot Please put that Crayon scissor gear switch handoff shot on the front and maybe passing the pillow fighting mobs and then Table Crafts shot on the back of a Clothing shirt or sweater. I would LOVE IT TO THE NEXT DIMENSION!! Plus I think it would really be the AWESOME!!!

  54. Persen ubernation
    Persen ubernation
    2 hónapja

    0:42 🤣

  55. Red
    2 hónapja

    A time controlling dragon telling me to hurry up is interesting

  56. Денис Лямец
    Денис Лямец
    2 hónapja

    Wait, was it a Matrix reference?

  57. Freyth Azbenth
    Freyth Azbenth
    2 hónapja

    WTF... it´s very funny

  58. Derknomicon
    2 hónapja


  59. Vladian100
    2 hónapja

    Not both.. You are not so special 😄

  60. Vladian100
    2 hónapja

    0:58 this endless fight 😂😂

  61. zerashk Derp
    zerashk Derp
    2 hónapja

    Wheres the explainer

  62. Sergio Rivera
    Sergio Rivera
    2 hónapja

    Yep... This is why I left WoW.

  63. TheShadowCookie
    2 hónapja

    I've experienced two of these re-introductions so far. Even though a new expansion is upon us, I doubt I could handle a third time.

  64. therealbahamut
    2 hónapja

    Carbot is a historian.

  65. Isenhart
    2 hónapja

    Lost it at "get ridda dat crap!" lol

  66. Sebastian
    2 hónapja

    That's EXACTLY how it is and how it feels like! Carbot, you have a wonderful talent of portraying such things exactly as they feel.

  67. Leoric Tristram
    Leoric Tristram
    2 hónapja

    I just wanted to say, finally got my zergling, and i love it to death!

  68. Nils Petras
    Nils Petras
    2 hónapja

    We neeeeeeeeeed a Carbot-reference-quest like these in the actual game! Blizzard please!

  69. NitroPulsar
    2 hónapja


  70. Jack Cornelius
    Jack Cornelius
    2 hónapja

    Very awesome AND accurate! XD

  71. atem bibi
    atem bibi
    2 hónapja

    Thanks Carbot, You have made my weekend. PS: The Zerg Plushy is so cute, I love it. "Adopt a Zerg" is a huge success :D

  72. Hyarmen
    2 hónapja

    Hey, I actually miss Khadgar

  73. Rodik play
    Rodik play
    2 hónapja

    Make among us pls

  74. Rodik play
    Rodik play
    2 hónapja

    Make among us pls

  75. Rodik play
    Rodik play
    2 hónapja

    Make among us pls

  76. Sir Prize
    Sir Prize
    2 hónapja

    The orc & human at the end was too wholesome. I need a whole video on just them.

  77. MrDeothor
    2 hónapja

    Blizzard: is thal like personal attack or something?

  78. Kai
    2 hónapja

    Just one! Your not THAT special

  79. millenia111
    2 hónapja

    I just realized you sound a lot like Bruce Campbell

  80. Satanperkele
    2 hónapja

    On Point.

  81. sbnnielsen0
    2 hónapja

    its kind a sad that its the reality of todays online games. difficulty being dumped down in fevor of new dlc/paid content.

    1. John Uferbach
      John Uferbach
      2 hónapja

      The classic progression kinda showed how much difficulty there was back then^^ (I guess we saved the exploratiin of what works, but still...)

  82. PNW Affliction
    PNW Affliction
    2 hónapja

    hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 50 things in the inbox on expansion day, universal!

  83. Zandeel Remmington
    Zandeel Remmington
    2 hónapja

    That laugh at 0:43 is absolutely hilarious

  84. Jacob Serna
    Jacob Serna
    2 hónapja

    Meanwhile in classic.... Who are you? Nvm I don't care... go into hell and bring me back a cup of ice. Do it in 5 minutes and I'll give you a hole 2 silver!

    1. John Uferbach
      John Uferbach
      2 hónapja

      Fits the reality where there are millions of people of similar strength better imo^^

  85. Naberius Xielarian
    Naberius Xielarian
    2 hónapja

    Not an expert, but is it possible to move more items to EU shipping? Shipment from the US increases the price by around 50% which is pretty high (from EU shipping is around 17%). Furthermore is it possible to put your teepublic stuff on teespring too?

  86. Hidabat
    2 hónapja

    I saw Khadgar and thought 'Oh yeah, Hearstone is Get him as passive card, and you win,because he totally doesn't fixes the game for you or anything' But it was one of Star I mean Warcraft, expansion 27 ft Knuckles. Which has, more stuff,and lore, and stuff. Idk I'm just making this up I don't even play it.

  87. YANA
    2 hónapja


  88. Тимур и Ко.
    Тимур и Ко.
    2 hónapja

    I play healer in SL. I sleep in miphic.

  89. Marek Pospíšil
    Marek Pospíšil
    2 hónapja

    Will you make Gloomhaven videos?

  90. Swift Nimblefoot
    Swift Nimblefoot
    2 hónapja

    This, in a nutshell is one of the reasons I don't play MMOs or online games. I kinda find it hard to be the chosen one with 10.000 other chosen ones running around me.

    1. Mediados
      2 hónapja

      Thats the thing with WoW, they dont say you are THE chosen one, you are a champion of the Horde/Alliance, but they never claimed you to be the only one. They often say, "rally your allies" for dungeon quests and in scenarios they refer to the players as champions.

  91. MrMaelstorm
    2 hónapja

    For once in wow I just wish I could say "No." to every pop up quest, WQ and saving the world from itself, just say fuck that I ain't your hero if I still have to pay and grind rep for mounts of enslaved faction that I liberated from a tyrant. What if that tyrant was a lot nicer to me if I joined them ? They all tell us or ask us to join them anyways ... Azeroth is dying every year maybe that means that the planet isn't meant to survive.

  92. Henry Chen
    Henry Chen
    2 hónapja

    where is alark? xD

  93. SephirothRyu
    2 hónapja

    Can relate. Been a good 3/4s of a year since I played. Interested in the new expansion a bit, but need to watch cutscenes I missed. But then, that wouldn't be the same as actually playing even LFR for the raids to get the cut-scenes and story and such... And that isn't really viable now? ... Eh, maybe I will just youtube it then. Or not. I could probably continue to use the time from not playing it. Maybe later. Or something. Honestly, in terms of concept, this expansion is up there with Northrend and Pandaria. Plus it will be nice to finally take that undead piece of **** down at some point. Who knows, maybe they will actually let the next random lunatic come from the Alliance for a change. Yes, I say that as a Nelf Druid. Look, you don't have to be faction-biased to note that every time things calm down, things go sour because blizzard needs to still justify PvP and is too lazy to relegate it to the bronze dragon flight or something for even one expansion. They always need a reason to make the Alliance and the Horde fight. And its always some freaking dip**** in the Horde who screws things up. Look, its nice having someone to hate, but when its always some random douche ruining all peace on Azeroth for some stupid reason, then well, while it doesn't matter which "side" they come from originally, why is it ALWAYS THE HORDE? Look, I get it. The forsaken as a player race were a MASSIVE MISTAKE. We never even saw proper humanoid forsaken aside from Death Knights and Cultists before WoW came along. THE FORSAKEN NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN A PLAYER RACE. But well, because there are undead on the horde side, it does make it easy to have them play foils I guess. I HATE undead.

  94. Tom Shaked
    Tom Shaked
    2 hónapja

    I don't even play WoW and it's hilarious XD

  95. PowermadNavigator
    2 hónapja

    Yeah, WoW has become soft shit.

  96. Syrkyth
    2 hónapja

    Oof, accurate.

  97. Сергей Казаров
    Сергей Казаров
    2 hónapja

    Это лучшая пародия что я видел про ШЛ!!)))

  98. Bvajen
    2 hónapja

    I honestly wish we could get an expansion where the player character IS NOT the center of attention/the saviour of Azeroth. To me it always felt so artificial and is one of the reasons I quit playing. You can still make good content that's engaging for players without lifting them up to the status of being demigods.

    1. Bvajen
      2 hónapja

      @Michael Rubinstein I agree with you that the player needs to be involved, but I think the issue is simply one of scale that bothers me rather than player involvement in the story. I just always feel the role we play is so outsized as to be preposterous. I think you can be important to the storyline and find it engaging without having to be the central hero of the whole expansion. To me at least I'd find it a lot more interesting if I actually could believe in the storyline enough to be immersed in it, rather than rolling my eyes as each expansion my heroics reach ever higher heights and I take on a greater importance than most of the established lore characters.

    2. Michael Rubinstein
      Michael Rubinstein
      2 hónapja

      Can you, though? Maybe you can if you're making a game which focuses on action rather than story, like Overwatch or Among Us. But WoW is a heavily lore-based game. It's very story-driven. And it seems to me that you can't really make a game with a dramatic and exciting story without putting the player at the center of the story. What's funny though is how the game is schizophrenic on that point. The player is THE Hero of Azeroth, *except* when inside a group instance or raid; then, suddenly all the NPCs address the *group* as just some random group of heroes, and your individual importance is forgotten lol

  99. Broockle
    2 hónapja

    i have so many questions ;D

  100. Kilgar
    2 hónapja

    That last scene is how WoW is nowdays: its like doing homework/a coloring book!