Zergling Plush Give Away

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If you missed your chance to order one before, this is your chance to get one now! These Zergling Plushies are a limited addition which are no longer available for purchase. We are planning to give away the last swarm of Zerglings throughout the year. All Zerglings must be adopted! follow us on our social media for a chance to win one!
For more info and a chance to win a Zergling follow us on:
Twitter: CarbotAnimation
Facebook: carbotanimations
Instagram: carbotanimations
and join the CarBot Community Discord: discord.gg/gcHAKYgeJa


  1. TL O
    TL O
    3 napja

    Am I too late...?

  2. Treyon Daren
    Treyon Daren

    He must have been wasted drunk while doing this video

  3. Kit Wilson
    Kit Wilson

    Any left? Can I buy one?

  4. StarCrafts

    For The Swarm...

  5. lIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlIlI
    2 hónapja

    You need to make another campaign my dude. Have you seen the price of these things on ebay?

  6. a random zergling
    a random zergling
    2 hónapja

    I still have the older version of the zergling

  7. LadyNiaXO
    2 hónapja

    I wish I'd known these were on sale. I HAVE to have one. 😍

  8. JIg bm
    JIg bm
    2 hónapja

    Im so sad that I missed it :,(.

  9. Sean Reney
    Sean Reney
    2 hónapja

    you are funny

  10. Microwaved Ice Cream
    Microwaved Ice Cream
    2 hónapja

    Ok, now you have to make drones and let me buy them, too.

  11. Anthony Weldt
    Anthony Weldt
    2 hónapja

    I already have 2, but I could always have more.

  12. Rascabel
    2 hónapja

    200/200 supplies of zergling

  13. SlyckShadie Foxx
    SlyckShadie Foxx
    3 hónapja

    I bought a circling plushie when you did the adoption last year but never got the plushie and I'm really upset cuz I wanted one I know it's not your fault. I would like to know is there any other way can I get one

  14. Kanex
    3 hónapja

    StarCraft is the best game in my life 👍

  15. One-Soul-a-Time
    3 hónapja

    i didn't know Carbot has a Spawning Pool

  16. s1xpooL
    3 hónapja

    I hate social media. Just let me give you some money dude :(

  17. Kly
    3 hónapja

    Think of the Queens working hard to pump those larva. Or more importantly of Carbot's house that is experiencing a ling rush. Buy twins from the same egg, or get a whole hatchery. Don't split the poor litter.

  18. Nilsson R
    Nilsson R
    3 hónapja

    We need the Space Marine too. Please Please Please

  19. saet zero aka bahram
    saet zero aka bahram
    3 hónapja

    Carbot its me its your best friend! I get jokes from all the people in the brood war Coach Pupil League because i play with Carbot! I must be responsible and not cast games with the skin on.... but if you give away one zergling, i will sneak in a carbot skin cast while no one is looking. It'll be fine. No one can stop me! -saetzero -your best friend

  20. Blue Lick
    Blue Lick
    3 hónapja

    Are you sure you’re ok man? You look tired.

  21. -Rage'- bLacKouT
    -Rage'- bLacKouT
    3 hónapja

    Yummy! (Cartoon) Ewwww! (Original)

  22. Jacek Lesniak
    Jacek Lesniak
    3 hónapja

    Yeah. thats a trick - you get one and then they start multiplying cuz they are Zergs Be careful. No feeding zergs with Terrans or Protos after ever.

  23. Matthew Dickel
    Matthew Dickel
    3 hónapja

    This is what happens when you don't wall-off.

  24. Boris MC
    Boris MC
    3 hónapja

    not enought minerals

  25. Flexxible
    3 hónapja

    In mass they look like memberberries

  26. Revan R
    Revan R
    3 hónapja

    I want one :D

  27. LetMeExplain
    3 hónapja

    He is a quit type

  28. Jolbulka
    3 hónapja

    neeeeeeeeeeeed moreeeeeeeeeee lingssssssssssssss

  29. Luis Calderon
    Luis Calderon
    3 hónapja

    Zerglins r love, Zerglins r life

  30. ZekeStaright
    3 hónapja


  31. Kiral_GTi
    3 hónapja


  32. Bleach
    3 hónapja

    Your amzinge on camera dood!

  33. Harry Chu
    Harry Chu
    3 hónapja

    I want 8 of them

  34. Jessica krios
    Jessica krios
    3 hónapja

    We always get that you are our best friend but never how's our best friend

  35. nuclearzerg
    3 hónapja

    so, facebook is required for it? i do not use it, cuz they block my acc and required my phone and real photo lol (dont remember if they req my address too)

  36. Ming Zheng Lee
    Ming Zheng Lee
    3 hónapja

    Bath in the pool of cutelings!

  37. Over Charge
    Over Charge
    3 hónapja

    My ordered Zergling got lost on the way to me :( I guess he chased a SCV to the enemy base and got killed.

  38. amazncy
    3 hónapja

    when is ultralisk coming?

  39. TV무슨
    3 hónapja


  40. oa127
    3 hónapja

    In the words of Dave Attell, "Get some sleep!"

  41. Kweeepah
    3 hónapja

    I got one for my gf and they’re AWESOME. Love the quality. Need a hundred of them

  42. swpaeng000
    3 hónapja

    video description: "limited addition" correction: "limited edition"

    1. Microwaved Ice Cream
      Microwaved Ice Cream
      2 hónapja

      No, “they are a limited addition” means they are an addition that is limited. You’re thinking about if they said “they are in limited addition” in which case you would be correct.

  43. Two Weird Bros
    Two Weird Bros
    3 hónapja

    Should make a ragelot as well it will be cool

  44. Scotty Hayden
    Scotty Hayden
    3 hónapja

    Can I have one please lol, watched all your stuff man keep it up.

  45. Александр
    3 hónapja

    Я бы тоже так валялся в куче зерглингов! Не могу найти где купить качественную игрушку.

  46. Random Zergling
    Random Zergling
    3 hónapja


  47. J. War
    J. War
    3 hónapja

    I want two of them.

  48. Alex EP
    Alex EP
    3 hónapja

    Delivery in Brazil ?

  49. 0Xánt3r0Még4s
    3 hónapja

    If i win could you ship it to germany?

  50. Todd K
    Todd K
    3 hónapja


  51. Igor Dultsev
    Igor Dultsev
    3 hónapja

    Welcome back~

  52. Qian Deng
    Qian Deng
    3 hónapja

    leme guess..you found out you forgot to spend resources while microing so you panic spammed s>z...

  53. Qian Deng
    Qian Deng
    3 hónapja

    thats a very nice terran marine armor you got there.

  54. Justin Carroz
    Justin Carroz
    3 hónapja

    We looove our Zergling! He’s my kids favorite stuffed animal!

  55. Prince Albertz
    Prince Albertz
    3 hónapja

    More Starcrafts please! Bring back Starcrafts cartoons!

  56. Prince Albertz
    Prince Albertz
    3 hónapja

    LOL just the Heart of the Swarm theme playing with these cute Zerglings are funny

  57. Jimmy Noname
    Jimmy Noname
    3 hónapja

    So, the lack of facebook or any other social media i guess i cant enter. That sucks

  58. cyberneticdex69
    3 hónapja

    gib me 2 of them for 50 minerals :/

  59. Tristan Woodhurst
    Tristan Woodhurst
    3 hónapja

    Im very much looking forward to more weekly animations again, been missing my best friend after all.

  60. Jean Mauer
    Jean Mauer
    3 hónapja

    I followed at insta and discord... But I don't have Facebook and Twitter so I can't follow you on these platforms... Is it ok or not ok😭

  61. xxx xxx
    xxx xxx
    3 hónapja

    Would love to get one... unfortunately im pretty much banned from all that.

  62. Murrk Hurrdurringturr
    Murrk Hurrdurringturr
    3 hónapja

    Bummer dont use social media I'll give ur video a like any ways

  63. Radnel Jorge Linares Pérez
    Radnel Jorge Linares Pérez
    3 hónapja


  64. Praxus May'Salkiriiss
    Praxus May'Salkiriiss
    3 hónapja

    Me seeing a chance to win a Plushie: =D Me seeing I would have to dive into the cancer of social media: =[

  65. mystery draws things
    mystery draws things
    3 hónapja

    Hey guys did you know if you played the cartoon mod on starcraft 2 it shows some easter eggs to the series

  66. Dark3Nesz
    3 hónapja

    2:00 is that a prototype plushy on the right?

  67. Corealing Gaming
    Corealing Gaming
    3 hónapja

    So does that mean we can get more? because i love these things!

  68. VArsovski10
    3 hónapja

    One of the disadvantages of living in a 2nd/3rd world country, tried to purchase 3 of those last time didn't work, fml right now

  69. KibaWolf04
    3 hónapja

    I hope I win one! :D

  70. Dreagostini
    3 hónapja

    You had me at 'for'.

  71. Percy Alessandro Martinez Vega
    Percy Alessandro Martinez Vega
    3 hónapja

    :'v i want one of those :'v tomorrow it's my birthday and I don't find one :'c I hope I can buy one

  72. CiFer 2089
    CiFer 2089
    3 hónapja

    I hope i got One, i write one Facebook, the Sozialmedia i had. ^^

  73. SecularTemplar
    3 hónapja

    What if we do not have social media?

  74. sraf
    3 hónapja

    Shame it's not available everywhere in the world :(

  75. deathknightrevan
    3 hónapja

    Eh. I like the original plush better. But.... Zergling plush Rush!

  76. David Soda
    David Soda
    3 hónapja

    Please sell them in Blizzard Store (especially in China's Blizzard Store) if any left after the event

  77. Mitch Larkins
    Mitch Larkins
    3 hónapja

    "next tomorrow"?! When's that?!

  78. Sympath der Seefahrer
    Sympath der Seefahrer
    3 hónapja

    I think I know now why your cartoons are so great. Cause language is clearly not your preferred medium to communicate!

  79. Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin
    3 hónapja

    Stock more of these for order please! Want one so bad, by the time I found out about the campaign, it had ended! :(

  80. Geoffrey Entwistle
    Geoffrey Entwistle
    3 hónapja

    I hate Twitter, I haven't used facebook for the better part of a decade, and I think I used Instagram for maybe a month before I uninstalled it. Time to forget about all of that because OH MY GOD I NEED ONE OF THESE THINGS.

  81. Jim Harding
    Jim Harding
    3 hónapja

    Is this a swarm 😂

  82. Sonya
    3 hónapja

    : D 💜

  83. MrFullCrumb
    3 hónapja

    YEEES. I want one so badly!

  84. foreverwhisper
    3 hónapja

    Not in the States, I give up.

  85. Günter v. G.
    Günter v. G.
    3 hónapja

    1a *click* 2a *click* 3a *click* 4a *click* 5a *click* 6a *click* 7a *click* 8a *click* 9a *click* 0a *click*

  86. Sans91
    3 hónapja


  87. Ludak021
    3 hónapja

    oh, I remember when they were "selling like hot potatoes" so we should "order one asap" 😂 I called your bluff then (your pricing was awful) Good luck tho!

  88. Dom
    3 hónapja

    Member berries!

  89. Jeff
    3 hónapja

    Man U seriously need some more sleep

  90. canaldecasta
    3 hónapja

    Do we have to follow everywhere? I dont have Instagram

  91. canaldecasta
    3 hónapja

    Hope i get a best friend

  92. Take ABow
    Take ABow
    3 hónapja

    Carbot get some rest. You look exhausted

  93. LordZozzy
    3 hónapja

    So THIS is the face of madness.

  94. Mark E.
    Mark E.
    3 hónapja

    sry no social media here, what a shame

  95. Edmund Duke
    Edmund Duke
    3 hónapja

    only if it comes with AFK Arena/ Raid Shadow Legends

  96. Jman Something
    Jman Something
    3 hónapja

    What now your giveing em away I havent even got mine yet, mine better not be in that free giveaway batch cause I would be sad, still tho love you carbot

  97. Alain Pedance
    Alain Pedance
    3 hónapja

    Music far too loud. I couldn't hear a single word. Bye!

  98. Gavx Online
    Gavx Online
    3 hónapja

    Best animation channel on YT

  99. Gruetzsensen
    3 hónapja

    I want one!!! or maybe... ten... pls?

  100. Selmokk
    3 hónapja

    My Zergling would surely love to get a friend! Two's a bigger swarm than one 😄